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Windows XP Explorer- How to Use and Customize
The various features of Explorer and how to configure it are discussed in a series of pages. Tips for customizing Windows and Internet Explorer for personal use are given.

Windows Explorer (and its alter ego "My Computer") is the basic shell or user interface to the operating system. Its properties and characteristics are something we deal with every time we use the computer. Learning efficient ways of manipulating Explorer can speed up the way we get things done and make life easier.

The various ways that Explorer can be configured and tips for using it are given in the series of pages listed below.

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Introduction to Windows Explorer
The basic features of Windows Explorer are outlined
Details of configuring Windows Explorer
The many functions of the View menu are explained and illustrated. How to arrange your file listings more efficiently and make information easier to find.
Windows Explorer shortcuts
How to create shortcuts that will make Explorer start where you want instead of the default "My Documents"
Customizing access to your preferred folders
How to display your favorite folders in the Places Bar and other ways of making favorite folders easily available

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