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Windows XP Backup Utility- Advanced Settings
On a previous page we began a discussion of the Backup Wizard in Windows XP. Here we consider some of the advanced settings.

If the "Advanced" button shown in the next to last figure of the previous page is selected, the dialog box shown below will open. What all these different settings mean can be confusing, especially since the meaning of terms like "incremental" are not defined the same by everybody and Microsoft discussions can be less than clear. There is an excellent discussion of what the various terms actually mean at this Elder Geek site. Basically, it is probably preferable to use a backup type that only copies things that have changed. "Differential" probably offers the least bother. Restoring requires two files- the last full or "normal" backup and the "differential" backup. Choose a backup type and click "next".
Windows XP backup

In this backup, "incremental" is being used. However, this type of backup has the disadvantage that restoring requires all the incremental backup files plus the last "normal" backup. Click "next"

Windows XP incremental backup

Other conditions that can be chosen are given in the next two dialog boxes. It takes longer but it is safer to check "Verify data after backup". Volume shadow copy is more important to people with servers than for the average PC user. This can probably be turned off.

Windows XP backup selection


Windows XP backup options

If you want to run a backup with the specs you have chosen on a regular schedule, you can set that up in this dialog.

Completing Windows XP backup

You can also choose Advanced Mode when you first open the backup utility in Start-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools. The figure below will open. The various settings discussed above can be reached from here. ASR (Automated System Recovery) is another subject.

Windows XP advanced backup mode

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