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Useful Downloads and Slideshows

Created by Vic Laurie

These downloads consist of PowerPoint and video presentations on a variety of computer subjects as well as an assortment of small useful scripts for carrying out common Windows tasks.

A tutorial with tips on how to best do downloading is at the sister site Windows for Beginners. Downloads are provided as is and their use is the downloader's responsibility.

A selection of informative slideshows that I have presented to various groups is given below and the sidebar lists a collection of useful little scripts that I have written over the years. Download and unzip the scripts and they are then ready for use by simply clicking them.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we live in an extraordinarily litigious society so I am forced to say the following. All scripts are provided as is with no warranties, express or implied; user assumes all responsibility for their use.

Online slideshows about various computing topics:
Windows class