Internet Tips and Tutorials

Understanding and Making Better Use of the Internet

Created by Vic Laurie

The Internet has become an essential part of the basic infrastructure of a modern society. Using the Web and e-mail are probably the biggest reasons for the average PC user to have a computer. On this page are links to articles and tutorials to help you get more out of the Internet and to better protect your system from possible Internet hazards.

Unfortunately, there are dangers on the Internet. Like all activity involving large numbers of people, there are crooks and charlatans, thugs and sociopaths among the participants. Out of the hundreds of million involved, some are bound to be not very nice people engaged in not so honorable pursuits. Also the software companies have tended to neglect security measures for the sake of convenience and ease of use. A locked door is not as easy to use as an open one. The bad news is that unscrupulous and just plain malicious types are taking advantage of unwary PC users. The good news is that common sense and some precautionary steps will suffice to protect most home computer users.

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