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Learning How to Use Windows XP Better

There are many aspects to using Windows XP. Get the most out of your computer by learning some of the many ways to operate faster and more efficiently. Also learn some of the many things that Windows XP can do that you may not be aware of.

These pages contain a series of tips, tweaks, how-to articles, and tutorials written in clear language for the average user. Learn how to use Windows Explorer better, manage files more efficiently, maintain the system, tweak the operating system, and make Windows run faster.

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Tips and Tweaks


Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer (and its alter ego My Computer) is the basic shell or user interface to the operating system. Its properties and characteristics are something we deal with every time we run the computer. Here are some tips on using it.

Tutorial on File Management

No one can use a computer efficiently or understand many of the common problems that arise without understanding how Windows manages files. Unfortunately, the subject is poorly understood by many people. One mystery is file extensions. Another is the annoying things that can happen when new software changes your file associations. Find out what to do about it from a tutorial on how Windows manages files. (Now shown at Windows for Beginners).

Organize Your Desktop

The desktop is where you do your work. Here are some ways to customize it to make using the computer easier and more efficient.

Microsoft Management Console

Windows comes with many applications for administering and managing the system. In older versions, these programs had to be used separately. In Windows XP, there is an interface that can be customized to contain in one package all the system tools that a particular user likes to employ. Microsoft calls this interface a "management console" and generally refers to it as MMC. The individual tools are referred to as "snap-ins." A console has a hierarchical structure with folders and in fact resembles a Windows Explorer tree. Find out about it here.

Basic system maintenance

Computers are not like toasters. They need regular maintenance if they are going to continue to run efficiently. Here are some articles on the basic housekeeping that will keep your computer running smoothly.

Font and character facts

Fonts and characters can be more interesting than you think. Here are five articles that may help you add some interesting aspects to the appearance of your computer.

How to control what starts or runs in the background

Click here to read how to take charge of your computer and see to it that programs only run when you want them. Discussions of Msconfig, the Services Console, and finding Registry entries where startup programs are listed.

How to keep the Windows system clean

During the course of operation, the Windows operating system collects various temporary files and the Registry acquires extraneous and obsolete entries. One part of computer maintenance is regular housekeeping to manage these accumulations. Go here to learn the best ways to keep things tidy. Learn how to use the Disk Cleanup accessory.

Make Your PC Run Faster and Better

The default settings and configuration for your computer are not necessarily the most efficient for your particular usage. Here are some tips and tweaks to speed up your computer and improve performance.

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