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Windows tutorials and basic articles

This page lists a number of Windows tutorials in Adobe Flash format and articles about some introductory principles.There is also some material and references from classes taught at the Ewing, NJ Computer Learning Center.

I have completely redone the site Windows for Beginners. Much of the material formerly given here has been moved there.

New!A new Feature! The Power of the Right-click

The power of the right-click is often underestimated. Learn about the wealth of information and functions to be found by using the "other" click. These articles will guide you to become a better and savvier PC user.

New!Another New Feature! Tips for Microsoft Word

Learn great Word tricks from this selection of the best tips. Make using Microsoft Word easier.

Introduction to Computers (these pages have been moved to Windows for Beginners)

Slide show introducing computers
Presents elementary concepts of how computers work and what the essential components such as the CPU, RAM, and the hard drive are. Briefly describes the concept of an operating system and what the file system is.
A survey of some of the keys on a PC keyboard
A tutorial in Macromedia Flash 6 format showing some of the different keys on a PC keyboard
Mouse Tutorial and Exercises
A group of entertaining interactive exercises for practicing elementary operations such as the double-click and drag-and-drop. Also contains an interactive drawing exercise. In Flash 6 format.
Slide show introducing the file system
Describes the basic concepts of how information is stored in files and folders. Introduces the idea of different types of file formats requiring different software
Elementary window operations
An interactive Flash tutorial for practicing very basic operations with the standard Windows menus.
Using the Task Pane to copy a file
Folders in Windows XP contain a handy area called the "Task Pane", where various file and folder operations can be carried out. This Flash demonstration shows how to copy a file.
Using the Task Pane to move a file
Another Flash presentation, this time showing how to move a file in Windows XP
Copying multiple files
Continuing the Flash presentations on simple file operations in Windows XP
Tutorial on selecting text for copying or editing
A Macromedia Flash presentation on how to use the mouse to select or highlight text designated for copying to another document window or for editing purposes

How to Use Windows (pages marked with * have been moved to Windows for Beginners)

*Tips on using Windows Explorer
Shows some of the different features of Windows Explorer and its alter ego My Computer
*Outline for course on file management
Describes how Windows organizes information into files and folders. How to use Windows Explorer. Discusses basic operations copy, move, etc. Discusses file extensions and associations. Discusses the right-click context menu
*Tutorial on Windows file extensions
Explains what file extensions are and what they do. Describes the way file associations function
*Tutorial on editing file associations
Details the procedure for changing file associations and for adding programs and functions to the right-click context menu
*Tutorial on how to use System Restore in Windows XP
A presentation in Macromedia Flash format on how to use this important accessory for backing up your system files
*Tutorial on how to defragment your hard drive in Windows XP
A presentation in Macromedia Flash format on how to perform a basic hard drive maintenance operation using the defragmenter console
How to make shortcuts
One way to use Windows XP better and more efficiently is to have a quick path to your most common tasks. Here's how to create useful shortcuts.
Organize the Desktop, Taskbar, and Start menu
Zipped Word document describing how to more efficiently use the Desktop, Taskbar, and Start menu
Customizing shortcuts
A description of how to create shortcuts for shutdown, Internet Explorer and other functions in order to make using Windows more effective
Ways to make your favorite folders more accessible
How to edit the Places Bar, use "Send To", and configure the Favorites folder to provide easy access to your personal folders
Small free program to make backing up very easy
I know that many average PC users don't back up their data. I have written a small program to make backing up a folder as simple as possible. All you have to do is click a few times. Download the zipped file and unzip it anywhere convenient. It is a VBScript and therefore anti-virus programs will give a routine warning. However, the script is perfectly safe and makes no changes to your system. If you don't like it, simply delete it.

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