Microsoft Word tips and tricks

Five Great Tips for Using Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Faster and Easier

There are many tips for using Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. Learn five of the best in this article.

How to Customize the Default Line Spacing

In Word 2007/2010, the default line spacing is 1.15 and there is a blank line between paragraphs. This is different from Word 2003, where the default line spacing is 1.0 and there is no blank line between paragraphs. If you prefer your documents to have the same spacing as in Word 2003, here is how to change the default.

  1. Click the "Home" tab
  2. Open the "Change Styles" drop-down menu
  3. Go to "Style Set"
  4. Click "Word 2003"
  5. Go back to "Change Styles"
  6. Click "Set as Default"

For a one-time change in the line spacing for part of a document or an entire document, use shortcut #9 given on another page.

Change the Default Location Where Files Are Saved

By default, Word saves files in (My) Documents. If you prefer a different default location, here is how to change it:

  1. Click the Office Button (Word 2007) or File tab (Word 2010)
  2. Click the "Word Options" button (word 2007) or "Options" (Word 2010)
  3. Click the "Save" entry
  4. In the line labeled "Default file location", enter or browse to the desired folder
  5. Click "OK"

Now when you save a Word file, the default will be your designated folder

Use the New Navigation Pane in Word 2010

In Word 2010, Microsoft introduced an improved search function called the Navigation Pane. When you have a long document, the search choices can be very handy. However, the Navigation Pane is not displayed in the default setting. Here is how to display it:

  1. Click the View tab
  2. Put a check by "Navigation Pane Show"

The Navigation Pane will open on the left side. It provides some very useful functions for searching documents.

How to Combine Multiple Word Documents

If you want to combine two or more Word documents into one, you can always use copy and paste. But there is another way.

  1. Place the cursor where you want the material to be added
  2. Click the Insert tab
  3. Open the drop-down menu for "Object"
  4. Choose "Text from file"
  5. A dialog will open, where you can choose the file or files you wish to combine with the presently open file.
  6. Click the button "Insert"

How to Configure the Default Paste Option

By default, every time you paste something in a Word document, a drop-down menu with formatting options will show up. These options are typically things like "Keep Source Formatting", "Merge Formatting", or "Keep Text Only". If you only use one paste option such as "Keep Text Only", you can set that as the default. Here's how:

  1. Click the Office Button (Word 2007) or File tab (Word 2010)
  2. Click the "Word Options" button (word 2007) or "Options" (Word 2010)
  3. Open the Advanced section of the Word Options dialog
  4. Scroll to the section "Cut, copy, and paste"
  5. Choose the options you want
  6. Click "OK"