Microsoft Word tips and tricks

Ten More of the Best Keyboard Shortcut Tips for Word

Add these great keyboard shortcuts to your Microsoft Word toolkit. Speed up writing and editing Word documents.

An accompanying page on this site presented twelve of the most essential basic keyboard shortcuts. Here are ten more that will make creating and editing Word documents easier. These shortcuts should work in all current versions of Word through 2010.

Add to your Word skills with these shortcuts

  1. Search for text in a document —Need to find a word or phrase? Open a search bar where you can enter your search term:
    This is a shortcut that can be used in many other applications as well.
  2. Find and replace text—If you want to replace a word or phrase with something else, use this shortcut:
  3. Got to a page, line, or bookmark in a document—This shortcut opens a window that will let you navigate more easily in a long document:
  4. Subscript text—If you are using symbols or characters that require a subscript, use this shortcut:
  5. Superscript text—For a subscript, use:
  6. Center text—To display selected text centered:
  7. Align text left—To display selected text left-aligned:
  8. Align text right—To display selected text right-aligned:
  9. Justify text—To display selected text justified:
  10. Create a new document—To open a blank Word document while keeping the present document open, use:

Add these selected keyboard shortcuts to the basic ones given on another page and you will have a substantial array of tools to improve the application of Word for even occasional users. There are also worthwhile shortcuts using the mouse and they are discussed on this page.