5 iphone repair tips

5 Secret iPhone Repair Tips

Apple devices, including iPhones, have reasonably complex designs. That’s why they require the intervention of an experienced master wielding specialized equipment in case of malfunction. However, knowing these five secret iPhone repair tips, you will be able to extend the life of your device with the logo of the bitten apple.

Tip 1. Protect Your Device

Most people think that tempered glass and iPhone cases are just marketing ploys. Thus, they don’t provide natural protection for the device. That’s completely untrue. Tempered glass with a protective case in 9 of 10 cases saves your gadget when you fall and hit it.

It allows you to keep the screen and phone case intact, and these are the most expensive parts in the repair. So it is better to figure out in advance what type of screen protectors you need.

  • 2D: flat tempered glass without rounded edges, doesn’t cover the screen completely, costs the cheapest, and saves only from scratches.
  • 3D: classic armor glass covering the screen entirely and consisting of 1-2 layers. Provide medium protection and receive the impact impulse on itself as it falls on the layer of glass.
  • 4D: similar to 3D but usually has several layers, which provides maximum protection to your gadget screen.
  • 5D: similar to 4D but has the added benefits of anti-glare coating, data hiding, and blackout.

As for the cases, it’s better to prefer the original models. And if you ask what the distinctive features of the original case for the iPhone are, the answer will be – durability and practicality. For example, it is easily cleaned with alcohol wipes if it gets dirty.

In addition, the original case is partially waterproof. So you can put it on a wet surface. But please note that it can not be submerged underwater because of the microfiber coating inside.

Tip 2. Take Care Of The Battery

iPhone users often have problems with their gadgets’ batteries, which don’t turn on or charge, get warm when working and setting, reset and suddenly turn off, or become bloated. Thus, to avoid such problems and ensure your battery’s long and correct operation, use the below shortlist of recommendations:

  • Use only certified charges;
  • Don’t leave your phone in the sun and overheat it;
  • Don’t overcool your iPhone;
  • Try to keep the battery percentage below 20%;
  • Don’t let your phone get wet;
  • Avoid bumps and falls on your phone;
  • Don’t install copies.

Apple devices undoubtedly have a lot of advantages, but other smartphone brands have fewer problems with the battery. But the choice is yours.

Tip 3. Avoid Liquid

Although all Apple phones, starting from iPhone 7, come with water protection, it’s better not to check it. A smartphone is an electrical device. And most liquids are good conductors. Thus, getting water inside the iPhone can lead to a short circuit with ensuing consequences.

And if the trouble happens after a year of using the device, you can not count on the warranty repair. Thus, to prolong the life of the gadget, consider the following recommendations:

  • Install a transparent protective case and 3D or 4D tempered glass (if the iPhone accidentally falls into the water, the case and glass with rounded edges delay the liquid penetration);
  • Don’t expose the smartphone to water;
  • Try not to use it in the rain.

However, no one is immune to troubles. Unfortunately, the collision of your device with the liquid may happen anytime. So the Howly experts prepared some helpful tips on what to do in this case. First, wipe dry the water damaged iPhone, turn it off, and immediately contact a master.

Tip 4. Be Careful When Charging Your iPhone In The Car

Some iPhone users usually charge their gadgets in the car. Unfortunately, that’s not a good idea. The batteries get blown because the iPhone is attached to the air duct grill when the heater is on, and it warms up to the point where it starts to malfunction or shuts down altogether from overheating.

If you want to use your iPhone in the car and charge it safely, use wireless charging stations or certified chargers with power controllers and place them where there is no direct sunlight or overheating from the hot air.

Tip 5. Clean Connectors From Time To Time

It is best to go to a service center at least once a year to clean all the connectors, from the battery charge to the speaker grilles.

Firstly, it all negatively affects the device operation, as charging interacts through debris in the connector, creating problems in the charging process and causing micro-circuits.

Secondly, it all affects the gadget’s functionality. For example, you’ll badly hear your interlocutor because of the dirty speaker grills. The same happens if you don’t clean the microphone for a long time.

Summing Up

Before using a repair service, you may want to review the device yourself. Even if this does not solve the problem, you can collect as much data as you can give to the specialists.

Firstly, pay attention to how the device behaves. For example, if the problem refers to the sim card, try putting it in another phone and changing it to a new one on your device.

It excludes the possibility that the card is damaged, but not the phone itself. Moreover, it is essential to save your data in advance. If the device goes out of order, repairs can provoke a complete loss of internal memory.

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