6 places that travelers dream of

6 Places That Travelers Dream Of For Their Next Trip

Many people have had to put their travel plans on hold in recent years, making now a more exciting time than ever to begin to travel again.

With so many incredible places around the world to choose from, deciding where to go on your next trip can be difficult. From beautiful sandy beaches to tropical jungles, exciting islands and cosmopolitan cities, there are so many bucket list places you may want to travel to.

So, if you are looking for your next dream travel destination, take a look at our travel recommendations below.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most famous of the 17,508 islands in Indonesia. It has everything – tropical jungles, white sand beaches, rice paddies, mountains, volcanoes, and an uncountable number of waterfalls. For people who love culture, Bali also has historical sites and beautiful temples – not to mention how amazing the food is.

Although not a huge island, to see all Bali has to offer, you need to spend at least a couple of weeks there. The Balinese people are really welcoming and will always try to speak to you in English, help you and teach you about their culture.

Bali also has some incredible islands just a short boat trip away. Consider visiting the Gili Islands or the Nusa Islands to see sea creatures such as manta rays, turtles, sharks, and dolphins.

2. China

You can’t have a list of dream destinations without including China. With more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the country, including The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and Wulingyuan, China is a dream destination for sightseers, historians and lovers of culture.

Whatever you are looking for, China has it, from the huge cosmopolitan cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. China also has huge lakes, canyons, gorges, waterfalls and a natural reserve commonly known as ‘Fairyland’.

One of the largest countries in the world, spanning five time zones and bordering an impressive 14 other countries, it’s safe to say that you can’t visit China for a weekend.

China is such a popular travel destination that many visitors feel a holiday is simply not enough time. Living in China short or long-term is a great way to see everything this country has to offer. A visa to live in China isn’t easy to get.

However, one popular way of living in China is to become an English teacher and work in a school or language centre. Discover everything you need to know about Teaching English jobs in China and finding employment in China here.

3. Costa Rica

Home to nearly 30 national parks and 8 biological reserves, Costa Rica has some of the most incredible biodiversity in the world. This destination is perfect for animal and nature lovers, with people visiting from around the world in the hopes of seeing the wild sloths, monkeys, jaguars, and sea turtles. In fact, Costa Rica has more than 500,000 species of animals.

Costa Rica is also great for adventure lovers. Some of the activities you can enjoy include white water rafting, canyoning, ziplining and cave tubing.

Costa Rica also has miles of beautiful, white-sand beaches and jungles. Keep in mind that the best time to visit Costa Rica is between December – April. The summer months when most people travel are Costa Rica’s rainy season so make sure you plan your trip carefully to avoid this time of year.

4. Australia

The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour, Bondi Beach, and the Australian Outback are some of the well-known sites in Australia.

Australia has become one of the most well-known holiday destinations in the world. Whether you want to road trip across the country or even just fly in and visit the well-known sites, you can visit Australia your way.

With opposite seasons to the West, Australia is a great winter sun destination. The fact that Australia is an English speaking country and there are fewer cultural differences is a huge plus to some people.

Choosing the best places to explore in Australia can be difficult with so many great options to choose from!

5. Italy

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. It has several famous cities that people across the world put on their bucket lists, such as Venice, Rome and Florence.

Whether you want to see where the love story of Rome and Juliet in Verona, visit some ancient Roman runes and old coliseums, take an iconic picture in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or visit some of the most breath-taking coastlines in the world, including the Amalfi Coast and the Cinque Terre (the setting of Disney’s ‘Luca’), Italy has it all.

In fact, Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe – a whopping 55! Add in some great Italian food and wine and your dream holiday is complete.

Not everyone in Italy speaks English, especially if you venture out of tourist-filled cities. Learning some Italian words and phrases before you go or downloading Italian to English translations on your phone can be a great way to ensure you’re always able to communicate.

6. Argentina

Argentina isn’t as well-traveled as the other places on this list. However, it is one of the most naturally stunning countries in the world.

Iguazu Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, are just two of the highlights of this country. Argentina also has huge glaciers, national parks, lakes, mountains, and a beautiful coastline.

It also has some of the best wildlife in the world, including whales, dolphins, monkeys, alpacas, and llamas. You can even travel to the coast and see thousands of baby penguins hatching.

Argentina is a place like no other and definitely somewhere to add to your travel bucket list.

Final Thoughts

Traveling and seeing more of the world is something many of us dream of. There are so many benefits of traveling and it really is an experience you’ll never forget.

Whether you choose the lush jungles of Costa Rica, the beautiful beaches of Bali or the historical sites in China, your traveling adventure could be just about to begin!

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