6 thoughtful gift baskets

6 Thoughtful Gift Baskets For Every Type Of Person In Your Life

There are a number of reasons why we give gifts – it can be to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or even to wish someone to get well soon.

But no matter the occasion and reason – there is one thing that all gifts have in common – they are influenced by emotion. Giving gifts is motivated by the positive feelings it evokes in both the giver and the receiver.

While giving gifts makes us feel good, choosing them is what generally stresses us out. Driving from one store to another, exploring all the aisles and checking the endless options lined up on the shelves makes gift-giving sound like a nightmare.

If you tend to feel particularly anxious about what gift to give – a gift basket is a great present for anyone, no matter what the occasion. There’s no better way to make your gift recipient feel special than a personalised gift basket.

Why Should You Give Gift Baskets?

You’ve probably heard about gift baskets but haven’t received or sent one yet. What exactly are they for, and why would anyone want to give or receive one?

Basically, a gift basket is a container stuffed with small gifts for the recipient. It contains multiple gifts for whoever receives it, which adds to the joy. Snacks and other edible things, as well as trinkets and practical items like teacups, can be included.

The only factors that might restrict you from how many things you can add to a gift basket are the size of the basket itself, your budget and your imagination.

That said, if you still don’t know why gift baskets, or as they’re also called hampers, are the perfect way to show someone you care, here is some convincing proof.

Perfect for Any Occasion

A gift basket can be sent on special days such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc.

It can also be used to express gratitude to specific persons in your life (such as a helpful mentor), as an apology, or to commemorate significant occasions like the birth of a new baby, a new job, a new home, or simply because you want to.

Variety of Options

Nowadays you can find gift baskets in a variety of styles and containing many different goods. Whether your gift recipient likes sweets, health snacks or gourmet food, you’ll be able to find a basket that meets his/her taste.

Saves You Tons of Time

This is especially true when you order a gift basket online. With our hectic daily lives we never seem to have free time, so ordering a gift basket online can save you the time you would need to invest in shopping, packing the gift, and sending it to the recipient yourself.

Nowadays there are many companies that deliver gift baskets in Sydney as well as in other areas in Australia, so you don’t have to spend your time getting the gift where it belongs. These companies can pack the gift basket in such an impressive way that you yourself will never be able to do so.

Best of all, these great companies that deliver gift baskets in Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria and other areas in Australia are available at the click of a button, so you don’t have to spend your time looking around different places or all over the internet.

How to Choose the Right Gift Basket?

The secret to finding the perfect gift basket is selecting one that is the right match for the recipient. Are they allergic to some kind of food or have dietary restrictions? Are they candy or chocolate lovers or do they prefer a good cheese?

Do they drink coffee or tea? Do they enjoy wine or are they more of a beer kind of person? It’s extremely important to know the likes and dislikes of the recipient in advance.

Instead of asking the person about their interests and hobbies directly, which is impolite, consider asking individuals who know the recipient. Gifts are best when they are unexpected. It spoils the mood if the receiver knows what you’re going to gift them ahead of time.

Pay attention to what the person says during a conversation, whether it’s with you or someone else. Giving someone a gift they didn’t expect, which arrives as a surprise and contains an item they want or can use, is the best way to impress them.

Basket Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

From sumptuous chocolate baskets to awesomely stocked pamper baskets, there’s something for every budget and need.

1. For That Person Who Has Everything

We all know someone who has everything and also a fine taste. It’s kind of difficult to impress and give these individuals gifts that they actually enjoy. Gift baskets can be a lifesaver in these situations.

The reason why gift baskets make excellent gifts is that they contain delightful sweets such as artisanal chocolate bars, irresistible handmade cookies, buttery shortbreads, tasty doughnuts, and so on. Many people enjoy such delectable delights, and they may easily please even the most snobbish!

Anyone, regardless of age or sex, would appreciate a basket full of their favourite snacks, beverages, and delicious treats. You just need to consider their preferences and dislikes to make sure your gift recipient will really love the basket.

You’ll also find gift baskets including some kind of embellishment, such as a plant, that will make it seem even more special.

2. For That Person Who Loves to Celebrate

Help your special one celebrate a special occasion with a sparkling gift basket. Pick a basket that includes a bottle of the finest On Champagne. But don’t stop there, add a selection of sweet and savoury treats to perfectly match it and give the recipient the best champagne tasting experience.

3. For That Person Who Needs a Good Pamper

If your gift recipient has been pretty stressed out lately, a gift basket can be the perfect perk-me-up to ensure they get the break they deserve. Choose one full of beauty products that you know they love.

When it comes to pampering, face hydrating masks are one of the first things that come to mind, so you may want to gift basket to include one. A hot bubble bath is one of the best ways to soothe the body and mind, so treat your recipient with a bubble bath solution.

And don’t forget to include a body lotion to nourish their skin after the soak – this will leave your gift recipient feeling radiant and confident.

The aroma of certain essential oils can promote relaxation and relieve stress, so you may also want to choose a basket that includes these aromatherapy goodies as well.

4. For That Person Who Loves Beer

People tend to give the beer drinkers they know a six-pack or an assortment of beer snacks when they want to gift them. Be different and give the beer lover in your list a beer gift basket.

In addition to delicious beers, these baskets usually include beer glasses, bottle openers, and plenty of snacks that accompany the drink perfectly.

5. For That Person Who Prefers Gin as Their Alcoholic Beverage

Don’t give your friend or family member another bottle of gin for their birthday or holiday. They deserve something more special like a gin gift basket.

In addition to containing some of the tastiest gins out there, many of the gift sets available come complete with chocolates, orange peel, tonic water, and more.

You can even find gin gift baskets containing gin books and personalised gin bottles so that your recipient can create their own gin cocktail mix.

6. For That Person Who Appreciates a Fresh Cup of Coffee

Help that coffee lover on your list to energise and power through the day with a coffee basket. Coffee baskets generally include an assortment of chocolate treats as they go particularly well with black coffee to enhance and lengthen their aftertaste.

Some baskets also include biscuits as well in case the person decides to cleanse their palate.

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