Hey, everyone!

My name is Gloria Louden, and I’d like to welcome you all to my website! I am the head writer and editor here at VLaurie.

As a long-time blogger and editor, I’ve always dreamed of starting my own website. I wanted to write about the things that actually mattered and would make a difference in someone’s life. So after a lot of time and research, I decided to start VLaurie.

VLaurie has been a true passion project of mine, and I’ve dedicated myself to it fully. In fact, I put every waking hour of my working day into it. I’m always trying to come up with new and fresh ideas that both my readers and I would enjoy.

On my blog, my readers can find a bit of everything, from lifestyle to finance guides, and so much more. I’ll show you what the best anime and movies are, as well as how to spot the signs of a bad fuel filter. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

With all of my articles, I hope to teach something new and inspire someone. Whether you want to learn what an interest charge is or how to pick out the perfect chair — you’ll find exactly what you need on VLaurie.


Gloria Louden