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add more functionality to your garage

5 Ways To Add More Functionality To Your Garage

by Martha Simmonds

Your garage never seems big enough, does it? You want to park your car there, but with everything out of season lying around, it seems almost impossible.

Have you considered a garage door opener? By installing the best garage door opener, you are reducing your stress (and it’s safer too). Just a simple click of a switch and an automatic garage door opener will open your doorway for you, and there is no need to get out of the car and manually open up.

It is time to consider repairing (or possibly replacing) your garage door if it starts giving you problems. Avoid mistakes like choosing a design before measuring and shoddy quality workmanship by selecting the right repair company.

Here are some ways to add more functionality to your garage.

1. Storage Isn’t Just For Eye Level

Whether you have a huge or tiny garage, there never seems to be enough storage space. Many homeowners forget to look up when storing their things.

You will benefit from a cleaner floor space if you install a ceiling storage system. Some advantages of this clever system include the added storage space, protecting personal items from water damage, easy access, keeping things away from pests, and you will save money on a storage unit too.

2. Install A Parking Guide

A hanging tennis ball is one of the cheapest (and easiest to install) parking aids. You will need a tennis ball, some string, and two eyehooks.

Screw an eyehook into the tennis ball, and tie some string to the hook (there should be enough length to reach your windshield). Next, you want to screw the other eyehook to the ceiling, where it will touch your windshield when parked perfectly. Finally, attach the other side of the string to the ceiling hook.

Other parking aids include parking blocks, laser pointers, or mirrors.

3. Safety Checks On Your Garage Door

If the automatic reverse feature incorrectly calibrates, the door might become a hazard to pets and children. To test this attribute, open the garage door and position an item (such as a plastic bucket) directly in the door’s path. Press the “close button” now. When the garage door hits the bucket, it should reverse direction.

4. Fix Floor Cracks

Slabs of concrete typically crack or flake over time, and a few hairline cracks in a garage floor are not cause for alarm. However, repairs may be required if the floor has several cracks or deep pits or if pieces of the surface are flaking off.

You should fill any fissures with mortar or self-leveling sealant. Epoxy flooring is a great option to keep your garage floors clean.

5. Insulation And Heating

Insulation and heating are necessary if you plan to use your garage for more than just parking your car. Working in your garage may be almost impossible when temperatures plummet.

By caulking around garage windows, warm air will be trapped, making the garage a more comfortable workspace.

Following these tips will make your garage a place where you find peace, not anxiety.

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