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How To Add To Your Interior Individuality

by Martha Simmonds

We already talked about possible decor for nursery solutions, but let’s look globally now at our ambiance. What about the soul of your home? Does it reflect your individuality?

Every interior designer has their own perspective on the fundamental tasks of living space. While one proclaims the primacy of functionality over aesthetics, the other turns design into a game and experiment. While someone is content with an ascetic natural palette, others call color the main tool in the designer’s arsenal.

But there is an interior axiom that is unanimously accepted: a good interior is an interior that reflects the individuality of its inhabitants. A course in modern design is taken for the personalization of space.

At the same time, faceless projects of the same type are still a common story, even if a professional has worked on them. Why the interior may lack individuality and how to avoid it? Let’s see.

Mix it all

Apartments, strictly decorated in Scandinavian style, may resemble photos on the cover of IKEA catalogs. What’s wrong with such an interior? It is comfortable, practical, and fashionable, but following the style literally and trying to collect the entire interior in one store can leave a feeling of lack of an important ingredient – individuality.

As the legendary American decorator Billy Baldwin said: “The worst thing any decorator can do is make the client feel like a guest in his own home.” This is how you feel in a “magazine” interior.

Now that mixing styles is in vogue, it’s time to look for unique things and solutions. To make the interior speak more about you try to avoid the desire to pick up all the furniture from one collection because it can turn the interior into a semi-finished product – edible, but not as tasty as restaurant dishes or home cooking.

This does not mean that the interior should consist entirely of antiques, grandma’s vintage and handicrafts. It is not necessary to exclude the mass market, but you can find an interesting company for it. Designers are no longer interested in the perfect alignment of style ingredients, uniqueness and imperfection are the new interior aesthetics.

Not all at once

All the same Billy Baldwin argued that the interior should be given time to acquire things and achieve perfection.

The budget can be spent on a full-fledged environment, while often denying yourself what you really like – when you choose between “I want” and “I can”, this is most often a choice not in favor of individuality.

Or you can sacrifice some of the decor and furniture, which you can do without at first, and invest in a few solid expressive elements that you really want to own, for example, a california king bed or a really durable solid wood table. Everything else will be added gradually.

Repair for the ages

To save the nervous system, repairs are often sought to be done once and for centuries. At the same time, any mistake seems fatal: you have to live with it. Showing individuality in such conditions is scary. To minimize risks, choose neutrality or classics, most often: neutral classics.

Repair that remains untouchable and relevant for many years is a utopia. Even if the materials stand, your tastes and desires will change, not to mention interior fashion.

An experiment is not a prerequisite for personalizing a space; you can stay on neutral basic solutions, but lay the opportunity for transformation into the interior. We are talking about a high-quality basic finish, which is ready for any combinations and some metamorphoses.

Imagine finding the perfect pair of jeans with a classic silhouette that can last in your wardrobe for years to come, appearing in a variety of outfits. Finishing should become such jeans.

You don’t want to change the flooring and ceramic tiles often, here you should choose the classic solutions that are not subject to fashion. Any manifestation of individuality, for which furniture, textiles, and decor can be responsible in the interior, will suit the ideal “jeans”.

The “jeans” themselves can also be transformed: the parquet can be tinted, and the walls, if they are ready for painting, can be repainted many times. Such repairs will cost little blood, and you will be able to adjust the interior to your mood, new hobbies, changes in life and in the family.

The ability to metamorphose is what distinguishes a basic repair from a featureless one.

Trend on trend

The reverse situation: the interior contains all the current trends. Such a living space may not be personal enough, especially if the designer selects the trends for you.

Blindly trusting trends, you can lose sight of your own self, and only then discover that you are uncomfortable in minimalism, and fashionable terrazzo evokes strong and unpleasant associations.

To avoid this, conduct an interior investigation. Suddenly, the soul will respond to forgotten Art Nouveau or Victorian classics, or maybe you are crazy about a loft with brick walls, although the designers unanimously claim that this style is out of fashion in its purest form. If you’re intrigued by the charm of loft living, you might want to explore the possibilities of a Battersea loft project.

No need to choose between fashion and individuality, a professional interior designer will be able to combine preferences with current trends, especially now – in the era of interior eclecticism.


Sometimes the interior just lacks a concept. Personalized interiors tell stories. It could be the life story of several generations of a family, the story of a building, a story you came up with inspired by your favorite movie, a bygone era, or happy memories of a trip abroad.

Sometimes the walls themselves dictate how best to deal with them, sometimes just one object or view from the window becomes the starting point. The main thing is that the story is about you.

“Lots of light, calm shades and a large dressing room” is not a concept yet. Get ready for a dialogue with the designer, tune in to work together, during which you will understand and explain what feelings you want to get from the interior. A professional will select the best solutions and adjust fashion trends for you.

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