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Positivity Boost: 82 Positive Adjectives That Start With B

by Gloria Louden

All the thoughts that cross your mind and words you say translate into your mood, one way or another. I believe that the best way to boost your morale is by thinking positively, even if you don’t feel like it in that particular moment. Therefore, I gathered a list of positive adjectives that start with B to let you have a bosting time expanding your knowledge.

Why resort to plain words such as ‘good’ or ‘nice,’ when you could say ‘brilliant’ or even… ‘bonzer’? Okay, maybe you wouldn’t use ‘bonzer’ too often, but ‘beaut,’ on the other hand, is a marvelous word to use in its place.

I put together a bountiful list of adjectives that start with B, which is guaranteed to bring about positivity and bliss.

Adjectives That Start With B Which Impress, Denote Beauty or Attractiveness

Banging — excellent or exciting; used to describe something very attractive.

Baronial — pertaining to a baron; impressive in appearance; stately; grand.

Beauteous — extremely beautiful on sight; good-looking.

Beautiful — possessing qualities that delight the senses or the mind; attractive; pleasing.

Becoming — something that suits a person or a thing; pleasing in appearance.

Beguiling — used to describe someone or something that is very attractive and tempting.

Benign — being gracious; having a pleasant characteristic; favorable.

Bewitching — possessing delightful qualities; fascinating; charming.

Bijou — used to describe something small and delicate; highly-prized; elegant.

Blazing — something that burns bright; of tremendous intensity or force.

Blooming — something that flourishes, characterized by health and beauty; thriving; blossoming.

Bodacious — characterized by remarkable qualities; outstanding; audacious.

Bonny — something that is pretty or pleasing to the eye; handsome; attractive.

Bootylicious — someone who is sexually attractive; voluptuous.

Brainy — smart; someone who is highly intelligent.

Breathtaking — used to describe something that is astonishing; extremely beautiful; astounding and inspiring.

Bright — radiating; something that emits or reflects much light; shining; quick-thinking; splendid; filled with hope; intelligent.

Brill — can be compared to cool; wonderful; amusing.

Positive Adjectives That Start With B That Empower, Show Determination and Courage

Ballsy — bold; determined and courageous.

Bent — strongly inclined and determined.

Blistering — showing high intensity; being very fast; rapid.

Bold — not hesitating in the face of danger; daring and courageous.

Brave — remarkable for their courage; bold; valiant.

Bulletproof — something that is safe from failure; unbreakable.

Satisfactory Adjectives that Start With B and Symbolize Quantity, Importance or Quality

Balanced — keeping or showing good proportions; well-adjusted.

Balmy — characterized by a soothing weather; mild; temperate; pleasant.

Believable — plausible; can be believed.

Benedictory — expressing gratitude and wishes for good.

Benefic — doing something good; resulting in a favorable influence.

Beneficent — causing good; carrying out acts of kindness; charitable.

Beneficial — resulting in an advantageous result; helpful.

Benevolent — having a desire to help others; being charitable; expressing kindness.

Best — being of the most excellent quality; better than anything else; the most desirable.

Better — showing a superior quality than another; being more effective or satisfactory.

Big-time — important; major.

Blessed — something worthy of adoration; very fortunate.

Blissful — characterized by complete happiness and joy.

Blue-ribbon — of the utmost quality; high-quality; special.

Bomb — another word for ‘cool’; great; awesome.

Bombastic — pretentious and extravagant; high-sounding (about writing, speech, etc).

Bonzer — wonderful; remarkable; excellent.

Boss — very good; outstanding.

Bosting — excellent; great.

Bouncy — used to describe someone with a lively personality; energetic.

Boundless — infinite or vast; unlimited; cannot be measured.

Bounteous — abundant; willing to give freely; generous.

Bountiful — munificent; something that is abundant or generally grants a lot of gifts; filled.

Bracing — invigorating; exhilarating; brisk.

Brief — something of short duration; concise; quick.

Brilliant — impressive to the point of magnificent; out of the ordinary; sparkling; very bright; superb.

Brimming — overflowing; full to the point of flowing over; big.

Brisk — quick and lively; full of vitality; sharp.

Broad-minded — acceptance and willingness to try new things; open-minded; liberal.

Budding — something in the incipient stage.

Bustling — full of people; full of life or activity (when referring to a place).

Heartwarming Adjectives That Start With B and Express Happiness and Love

Beaming — showing a cheerful personality; smiling brightly; radiating.

Beatific — bestowing bliss and happiness; contented and peaceful.

Beloved — being greatly loved by someone; being very popular; loved.

Big-hearted — showing kindness or generosity towards other people.

Blithe — possessing a joyous disposition; cheerful; happy.

Boon — someone who is friendly or easy to get along with; jolly.

Bosom — beloved; intimate; trusted.

Breezy — used to describe someone who is full of life; with a lively personality; carefree.

Brotherly — affectionate and loyal; fraternal; kind.

Bubbly — exerting a lively personality; cheerful; being in high spirits.

Buoyant — cheerful; lively; vigorous.

Adjectives That Start With B Which Represent Physical Characteristics

Baby — small; fun-size; mini; teeny.

Beady — small and glittering; covered in beads.

Beefy — well-built and muscular; heavy; thick.

Big — significant; being of considerable size; large; having a great importance.

Biggest — possessing the greatest size; being of more than average size; largest.

Blushy — something that is infused with rosy hues; blushed.

Brawny — possessing immense strength; being strong; powerful; muscular.

Broad — wide; full; deep; spacious; having a wide range.

Buff — attractive; muscular; in a good physical shape; physically fit.

Built — used to describe a person’s shape; well-developed; attractive.

Bullish — muscular; optimistic; suggestive of a bull in a way.

Burly — fit; heaving a well-built body; muscular; heavy.

Burnished — used to describe something glossy; polished.

Busty — having a curvaceous body.

Buttery — resembling butter in texture; smooth; soft.

Buxom — plump; cheerful; full-bosomed (when referring to a woman).

Conclusion — Discover Equilibrium and Positivity in Everyday Words

Never underestimate the power a positive word can have on you or those around you. Words can hurt; words can heal; but most importantly, words can change your life. A single word can make or break someone’s day (or even life), thus making them the world’s most efficient tool.

From ballsy to buoyant, there are a myriad of words that can boost your mood by simply reading them. Some of them read funny, others simply have an alluring aura that draws you right in. I hope this list of adjectives that start with B will help you find your balance and bestow upon you some of the power that words can have. After all, it’s never too late to learn how to boost your positivity and teach yourself a couple of new words in the process.

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