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Positivity Boost: 118 Positive Adjectives That Start With C

by Martha Simmonds

Most people tend to throw their words around without considering the consequences. Given that you’re here, you probably know that words have the power to heal, harm, and pretty much do anything else that you can think of. Considering how much negativity there is in today’s world, I choose to focus on the positives. Today I will express that decision with a list of positive adjectives that start with C.

“Why C?” you ask? Why not? Any letter is fine, and as long as you use the words that follow it wisely, cheers and celebration will follow in your wake.

Wisdom and Tranquility-denoting Positive Adjectives That Start With C

Cagey — carefully considering one’s actions.

Calm — composed; not feeling angry or nervous.

Calmative — being able to calm others down.

Candid — honest and straightforward; impartial.

Canny — shrewd; showing good judgment, especially when it comes to money.

Careful — prone to considering one’s actions in advance.

Centered — well-balanced or adjusted; oriented toward one’s goals.

Cerebral — prone to using intellect instead of senses or emotions.

Chill — relaxed; calm and easy-going.

Clairvoyant — being capable of perceiving the future, apparently without any sensory input.

Clear-headed — being able to think clearly, without wandering thoughts.

Clever — smart; being able to learn quickly and apply that knowledge.

Cognizant — being knowledgeable and aware.

Coherent — making sense; being logical; consistent.

Collected — exercising self-control; not being driven by impulse.

Commonsensical — possessing innately good, practical judgment.

Composed — calm; not at the mercy of one’s impulses.

Comprehensive — extensive; not failing to include or address every aspect of something.

Concentrated — intensely focused.

Concise — comprehensive, but in as few words as possible.

Conclusive — being of vital importance to the end of something.

Concrete — certain; very clear in thinking or expression.

Conscious — being awake and aware; considerate.

Constructive — relevant; helpful; having the ability to create.

Contemplative — prone to deep thoughts.

Conversant — knowledgeable about a particular matter.

Correct — in the right; truthful.

Crafty — clever; capable of finding creative solutions to problems.

Positive Adjectives That Start With C That Evoke Conviviality

Campy — humorous, but in a deliberately ironic or tasteless way.

Canorous — pleasantly resonant; musical.

Canty — energetic; in a good mood.

Carefree — not burdened by worry or responsibility.

Casual — relaxed; not being bound by rigid rules.

Catchy — easy to memorize and difficult to forget; captivating.

Cheerful — optimistic; causing happiness by mere presence.

Childlike — having traits of a child, such as playfulness or a sense of wonder.

Chipper — energetic and eager; in great spirits.

Chirpy — cheerful and in a good mood.

Clubby — sociable, but with close friends.

Cock-a-hoop — visibly happy and not hiding it.

Colorful — memorable; striking; unique.

Coltish — energetic, but with reckless abandon.

Comical — being funny; causing laughter.

Concupiscent — having a desire for bodily pleasures.

Convivial — enjoying life to the fullest; liking good company.

Positive Adjectives That Start With C That Signify Ability And Willpower

Can-do — possessing an attitude to get work done.

Capable — qualified, often for a specific thing, but sometimes in general.

Capital — most important; crucial; first-rate.

Causative — starting something or possessing the ability to start something.

Ceaseless — never-ending.

Celeritous — quick; very fast.

Central — irreplaceable; most important by far.

Certain — not having doubts; being confident.

Changeless — being constant; not bending under pressure.

Chiseled — being athletic to the point of almost resembling a statue.

Choice — being of highest quality; preferred over others.

Chosen — exclusive; standing out among others.

Classical — possessing recognized excellence and quality, according to established standards.

Clean-cut — appearing well-groomed and proper; precise; not vague.

Clear — easy to understand; transparent, whether literally or in intent.

Cogent — logical and convincing; physically powerful.

Colossal — extremely large; imposing.

Commanding — possessing the ability to impress or control; having a strong presence.

Commendable — worthy of praise.

Committed — dedicated; devoted to something or someone.

Communicative — gifted or trained to be a great talker.

Compelling — calling to action; requiring urgent attention.

Competent — skilled, sometimes in a single area of expertise, sometimes many.

Complete — fully realized; possessing all necessary qualities for a specific purpose.

Conferrable — deserving of certain honors or a gift.

Confident — free of self-doubt; being self-assured.

Consequential — important or significant.

Considerable — worthy of consideration; impressive in stature.

Consistent — unwavering; possessing a recognizable identity.

Constant — steadfast; devoted to a purpose, goal, or personal relationship.

Continuous — enduring; not easily stopped.

Contributive — capable of adding value to a thing or effort.

Convincing — having the ability to influence others’ opinions and actions.

Copacetic — ordered and reliable.

Creative — imaginative or inventive.

Crisp — skillful and precise; fresh.

Positive Adjectives That Start With C That Indicate Charm And Emotional Maturity

Caring — showing empathy toward others in general or someone in particular.

Captivating — capable of grabbing and keeping others’ attention.

Cathartic — allowing for emotional relief via explosive expression of motions.

Celebrated — widely known; being greatly admired.

Celestial — possessing qualities that are almost divine in nature.

Characteristic — being distinctive or easily recognizable.

Charismatic — being almost magnetic to other people; attractive.

Charitable — loving, generous, and kind.

Charming — attractive; pleasant company; great conversationalist.

Chatty  — prone to casual conversation.

Cherished  — having great value as a person.

Chic  — stylish and elegant, often in a peculiar way.

Chummy  — very friendly; on personal terms.

Chivalrous — gallant; being almost knightly.

Civil — polite; acting like a proper and decent citizen.

Civilized — culturally developed; knowing proper etiquette.

Classy — refined; visibly sophisticated.

Clean — pure, whether morally or physically; unblemished.

Clement — even in disposition; having a mild temper; compassionate.

Close — affectionate; being available.

Coadjutant — willing to help.

Comely — attractive; pleasant to look at.

Comfortable — not suffering from stress; pleased with oneself.

Comforting — providing emotional support to others.

Commending — issuing formal praise.

Commiserative — compassionate; feeling or expressing empathy.

Compassionate — concerned for others; showing sympathy.

Compatible — suitable; a good match.

Complimentary — giving praise; given free of charge.

Concordant — agreeable; maintaining harmony.

Concurrent — consistent; harmonious; easy to cooperate or get along with.

Conscientious — thorough; having a strong moral compass and a desire to do well.

Content — pleased with oneself and one’s existence.

Cool — charming; alluring; in control of oneself.

Cooperative — willing to work with (or help) others.

Cordial — very friendly; hearty and sincere.

Courtly — possessing manners so elegant, they would not be out of place at a court.

Conclusion — Celebrate The World’s Candescence

Claiming that we, humans, live in a cold, uncaring place is easy. Trying to improve it by spreading some positivity, however, is by all means commendable. This list of positive adjectives that start with C is but one of many small—yet powerful—tools for you to do just that. I hope that they will help put a smile on your face—as well as the faces of everyone around you.

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