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Positivity Boost: 113 Positive Adjectives That Start With D

Each letter of the alphabet is a world of possibilities; a potential beginning of an immense number of words. Sadly, words are all too often used to inflict harm or bring down, rather than uplift and inspire.

Well, I choose not to dwell on the negatives, but instead focus on the positives of word usage. To celebrate all the nice, encouraging, and thought-provoking things one can say, I’ve put together this list of positive adjectives that start with D.

Today I will give “D” the spotlight, because—just like every other letter of the alphabet, it can be used to deliver some decidedly dazzling words.

Empowering Positive Adjectives That Start With D

Daring — adventurous; brave; courageous.

Dauntless — courageous; not intimidated easily, or at all.

Decided — free of hesitation or doubt; determined; resolute.

Deciding — having the ability to invoke an outcome.

Decisive — being instrumental for a conclusion or outcome.

Declared — made known publicly and/or formally.

Defiant — rebellious; not held back by opposition.

Definite — precise, clear-cut, unfettered by doubt.

Demonstrative — representative; able to display, explain, or illustrate in a precise manner.

Dependable — trustworthy; someone who can be relied on.

Deserved — owed by right or merit.

Deserving — worthy of praise or being treated in a certain way.

Desirous — eagerly ambitious; possessing great desire.

Destined — possessed of a certain fate, often a favorable one.

Determinate — being well-defined; settled; final.

Determined — relentless; set on a course; decided on in advance.

Direct — to the point; without distractions.

Disciplined — operating in a controlled manner; showing mental restraint.

Distinguished — standing out among the rest; outstanding.

Dogged — tenacious; unwaveringly persistent.

Dogging — relentless in one’s pursuit of a goal.

Dominant — imposing; having influence over others.

Dominating — commanding; showing clear superiority in some regard.

Doubtless — exceptionally confident; free of doubt.

Doughty — courageous; persistent; capable.

Driven — drawn toward goals; unwaveringly motivated.

Driving — motivating others; acting forcefully; proactive.

Durable — steadfast; resistant to damage.

Dynamic — prone to change; hyper-charged; in motion.

Dynamite — exceptional; good enough to “blow everyone away.”

Positive Adjectives Starting With D That Denote Beauty, Charm, And Pleasure

Dainty — elegant; gentle; possessing a delicate beauty.

Dandy — excellent; refined; concerned with appearance.

Dandyish — having the qualities of a dandy; refined and pampered.

Dapper — neat and stylish in both demeanor and appearance.

Darling — beloved or dear person.

Dashing — breathtaking; adventurous; stylish.

Dazzling — impressive to the point of being blinding (comparable to the sun).

Dear — treasured; loved; sweetheart.

Debonair — confident; suave; sophisticated.

Decorated — rewarded; having received recognition or praise.

Decorative — enriching; having value in beautifying something else.

Decorous — proper; not deviating from good taste.

Deferential — showing great respect.

Delectable — extremely pleasing to the senses, especially taste.

Delicate — graceful; very fine and/or elegant.

Delicious — of a particularly pleasant taste; arousing (potentially in different ways).

Delighted — particularly pleased; showing great wonder or amusement.

Delightful — wonderful; capable of causing delight.

Deluxe — refined; visibly superior to others.

Demulcent — soothing, whether physically (say, medicine), or mentally (a voice or scene).

Desirable — sought after due to being pleasing or useful.

Desired — intended; wanted with an intense passion.

Detailed — intricate; possessing an impressive amount and/or quality of detail.

Diverting — highly entertaining; able to steal the spotlight.

Divine — similar to God in some fashion, often indicating perfection.

Doe-eyed — possessing dark, sizeable, and gentle eyes (usually used to describe women).

Doll-like — inhumanly beautiful, almost like a doll.

Doting — being very fond of someone.

Dotingly — acting in a way that clearly communicates fondness.

Dreamed — imagined; hoped for with great anticipation.

Dreamlike — being so fantastic so as to resemble a dream.

Dreamy — having an almost supernatural quality.

Dressy — adorned in impressive clothing.

Dulcet — pleasant and soothing, mostly referring to sound or tone.

Dynastic — noble; possessing features associated with a dynasty.

Positive Adjectives That Start With D That Signify Intelligence, Skill, and Wisdom

Daedal — complex and functional; ingenious.

Decent — upholding moral values; satisfactory.

Dedicated — loyal; committed to a task or purpose.

Deductive — capable of (or gifted at) critical reasoning.

Deep — possessing significant importance or meaning.

Deft — skilled and certain.

Deliberate — calculated; considering long-term goals.

Developed — civilized; attained a (usually high) degree of something.

Developing — growing and/or constantly improving.

Devoted — committed, often to a cause or an ideal.

Devout — deeply committed and loyal to a cause or a belief.

Deterrent — capable of (or actively) preventing an outcome.

Dexterous — having excellent hand-eye coordination.

Diacritical — capable of distinguishing or making distinctions.

Didactic — eager to impart a lesson, often with a hidden moral value.

Dighted — ready; prepared for a purpose.

Dignified — possessing a demeanor or qualities that are worthy of respect.

Dignifying — capable of making others dignified.

Diligent — performing one’s work with care and attention to detail.

Diplomatic — tactful in dealing with others.

Disarming — capable of lowering others’ guards and helping them relax.

Discerning — possessing excellent judgment and great insight.

Discursive — obtaining knowledge via reason and argument instead of intuition.

Discreet — unassuming; capable of great subtlety.

Discriminating — possessing fine tastes or excellent judgment.

Disabused — freed from untrue or misguided presumptions.

Dispassionate — rational; not derailed by intense emotions.

Doctoral — relating to a doctor or doctorate.

Dovish — pacifistic; opposed to conflict and war.

Down-to-earth — practical; not prone to flying off the handle.

Dutiful — readily and eagerly accepting responsibility.

Positive Adjectives That Start With D That Decry Honesty And Uniqueness

Defined — clear in presentation, intent, or purpose.

Depictive — easily recognizable; notable; memorable.

Different — not the same as others.

Differentiable — capable of being perceived as different from others.

Dinkum — genuine; without false pretenses.

Discernable — noticeable; recognizable.

Discoverable — capable of being noticed or recognized.

Discrete — distinct; different from others.

Dissimilar — not similar to something else.

Discretionary — possessing the ability to act on one’s own judgment.

Disparate — fundamentally different based on one or more important qualities.

Distinct — recognizable; notably different from others.

Distinctive — possessed of a special trait; easily recognized.

Distinguishing — easily associated with an idea or a person; standing out.

Divergent — possessed of a tendency to be different or do things differently.

Diverse — more than a little different; displaying a lot of variety.

Droll — unusual, but amusingly so.

Conclusion — Drive Yourself Toward Desirable Destinations

It’s no secret that words have tremendous power, whether or not they start with the letter “D.” They can bring out the best in you, or they can cause more pain than actual, physical injuries. At the end of the day, it is both your choice of words and the way you use them that determines their effect. Hopefully, this list of positive adjectives that start with D will help make your world just a little bit brighter.

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