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Positivity Boost: 114 Positive Adjectives That Start With E

Empowered, eminent, effulgent — these are just a few positive adjectives that start with E that can change your life for the better. You will be surprised at how big of a difference you can make if you choose the right words. Not only that, but you will also inspire others and greatly boost their morale.

If you want to start your day by doing something empowering, look in a mirror and recite a few positive words each morning. Similar to how yogis have a mantra, you can have your own encouraging and energizing motto by selecting a few powerful words to say to yourself.

I have prepared a list of positive adjectives that start with E to help you express all of your emotions and thoughts and find serenity in all things simple.

Exceptional Adjectives That Start With E

Eager — strongly wanting to do something; showing interest in something; wishing; longing; motivated.

Early — something that is timely; something happening before the expected time; fast; prior; initial.

Earthly — can be used to emphasize something; imaginable; terrestrial; sordid.

Earthy — resembling earth or soil; natural.

Eclectic — deriving from a wide range; selective; broad; extensive.

Ecumenical — universal; all-inclusive; all-embracing; general.

Effective — something that is compelling; convincing; impressive; powerful; potent.

Elated — experiencing overwhelming pleasure; euphoric; pleased; high-spirited.

Elating — exhilarating; intoxicating; ecstatic; charming; comforting.

Electric — something that produces sudden excitement; exhilarating and stimulating; dynamic; exciting.

Electrifying — breathtaking; exhilarating; stimulating; heart-stopping.

Emerald — something that has a bright, rich green color.

Empathetic — someone who can share the feelings of another; compassionate; understanding; considerate.

Endless — something that has no end; limitless; continuous; unlimited; boundless.

Energetic — active and zealous; spirited; animated; showing great vitality; vigorous.

Energizing — activating; vitalizing; quickening; inspiring; motivating.

Engaging — having the power to attract; alluring; attractive; charismatic; charming.

Enigmatic — difficult to understand; mystifying; inexplicable; mysterious.

Enlivened — animated; invigorated; exhilarated; energized; freshened.

Enlivening — something that stimulates and energizes.

Enthralling — sparking interest; absorbing; consuming; engaging; fascinating; immersing.

Entrancing — having an alluring power of attraction; appealing; attracting; bewitching; fetching; seductive.

Epideictic — intended for display; designed to impress.

Equable — something that has a soothing temperature; balmy; moderate; temperate.

Errorless — without mistakes; correct.

Especial — unique; distinguished from others.

Euphonic — harmonious; something that is pleasant to listen to.

Evident — clear, obvious.

Exciting — stimulating; arousing; electrifying; exhilarating; breathtaking.

Exotic — mysteriously unusual; glamorous; marvelous; fantastic.

Explicit — expressed in such a manner that it leaves no doubts.

Expressive — clearly conveying something.

Extravagant — high-rolling; splurging; extremely abundant.

Exalted Adjectives That Start With E and Denote Beauty, Joy, and Quality

Easy — achieved without difficulty; light; effortless; relaxed; a piece of cake.

Ebullient — full of energy and cheerfulness; cheery; sparky; joyful; euphoric; elated.

Economic — efficient; profitable.

Economical — somebody who is careful with their money or resources; inexpensive; low-budget; thrifty; prudent.

Ecstatic — overwhelmed with happiness; overjoyed; blissful; delighted; euphoric.

Effervescent — lively and enthusiastic; happy; vivacious; vibrant; energetic; bubbly.

Efficacious — successful in achieving the desired result; efficient; helpful; constructive.

Effortless — something that has been achieved with ease; uncomplicated; easy; smooth; facile.

Effulgent — radiant; blazing; bright; dazzling; vivid; splendid; shining.

Elaborate — something that has a detailed design; complex; flashy; ornate; adorned.

Elegant — having a styling and tasteful appearance; graceful; cultivated; distinguished; refined; sophisticated.

Eloquent — something that is expressive or suggestive; fluent; powerful; potent; well-spoken.

Embellished — elaborated; embroidered; decorated; adorned.

Enamored — being crazy about something or someone; being infatuated; attached; fond of; in love with.

Enchanting — captivating; charming and attractive; appealing; alluring; seductive.

Endearing — showing qualities that make someone or something loved; adorable; darling; precious.

Enhanced — intensified; accentuated; magnified.

Enjoyable — something that gives pleasure; delightful; delightsome; great; thrilling.

Enough — sufficient; abundant; ample.

Enraptured — experiencing great pleasure; ecstatic; elevated; euphoric; thrilled.

Enriching — improving the quality of.

Entertaining — providing amusement; fun; delightful; pleasurable; enjoyable.

Enticing — something that is tempting; tantalizing; mesmerizing; absorbing.

Epicurean — luxurious; delectable; pleasant; scrumptious.

Equal — something that is just and unbiased; equitable; impartial; indifferent; forthright.

Equiponderant — having equal weight.

Equitable — marked by justice; candid; equal; impartial; unbiased.

Equivalent — similar to something else; alike; comparable; identical.

Erotic — sexually appeasing; exciting; sexy.

Esthetic — something that is very pleasant to look at.

Esthetical — attractive; beautiful; stunning.

Exact — punctual; accurate.

Exceeding — exceptional; extraordinary.

Excellent — something that is of superior quality; splendid; superb.

Exhilarating — something that is breathtaking; stimulating; exciting.

Expectant — eagerly looking forward (to something).

Expensive — marked by a high price; dear; lavish; invaluable.

Exquisite — something with extreme power or effect; deep; intense; keen.

Extensive — something with a considerable extent; wide.

Extra — being over the needed amount; spare; ample.

Extraordinary — atypical; exceeding; exceptional; peculiar; unique.

Exuberant — joyously unrestrained; luxuriant; lavish.

Eye-catching — beautiful; pleasant to the eye; attracting.

Positive Adjectives That Start With E that Inspire and Empower

Earnest — showing commitment or fervid conviction; passionate; thoughtful; dedicated.

Easygoing — having a tolerant attitude; relaxed; pleasant; without worry.

Edifying — something that increases your knowledge; elucidative; explanatory; comprehensive; educational; inspiring.

Educated — possessing a lot of knowledge; elevated; cultivated; prepared.

Educational — used to describe something that offers information; instructive; illuminating; improving; informational.

Educative — pedagogic, informative, instructive, educational.

Effectual — producing the desired result; effective; efficient; capable; efficacious.

Efficient — being methodical and well-organized; structured; systematic; competent; coherent.

Elder — someone who is older; big; senior.

Eleemosynary — charitable; generous towards the poor.

Elemental — fundamental; situated at the root (of something, like an emotion), primordial; basic.

Eligible — something that qualifies; entitled; appropriate; available; fitting.

Emerging — newly formed.

Eminent — someone who is esteemed and famous; distinguished; renowned; venerable; revered; well-known; outstanding; absolute.

Empowered — enabled; permitted.

Encouraged — reassured; inspired; stimulated.

Encouraging — showing qualities that inspire or give hope; optimistic; promising; heartening; likely.

Enduring — something that is continuous; with an existence that does not change; immortal; ageless; eternal; undying.

Enlightened — someone who is educated and mature; civilized; enhanced; perfected; advanced; developed.

Enlightening — something that provides useful information; educative; informational; informative.

Enormous — having a great size; giant; unusually large; astronomical; colossal; gargantuan; whopping.

Enterprising — showing ambition when pursuing something; fierce; go-getting.

Enthusiastic — eagerly showing desire; voracious; ardent; eager.

Enthused — enthusiastic; keen; impatient.

Erudite — possessing high education; knowledgeable.

Essential — something that cannot be missed; basic; critical; indispensable.

Esteemed — having a good reputation; prestigious; reputable.

Eternal — endless; immortal; something without end.

Ethical — possessing high standards of morals and virtue.

Evenhanded — something that is unbiased and just.

Everlasting — immortal; permanent; unending.

Exalted — glorious; renowned; famous; reputable.

Exceptional — out of the ordinary; unusual; unique.

Expansive — something that has an exceptional extent; broad; widespread.

Expeditious — prompt; possessing the ability to deliver without delay.

Expeditive — performing with speed; delivering promptly.

Experienced — possessing experience in a field.

Exultant — characterized by joy; prideful; triumphant.

Conclusion: Exceptional Experiences Evoke Endless Elation

You are the creator of your own universe, and everything you say and do will shape the world around you. Hopefully, this list of adjectives that start with E will give you an extra hand at molding that universe to your liking. Of course, there are a lot of other positivity-boosting adjectives, but none of them as exceptional and exquisite as the ones that start with E.

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