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Positivity Boost: 60 Positive Adjectives That Start With H

by Martha Simmonds

When trying to convey positive emotions and express a generally good feeling, the first word that comes to mind is ‘happy.’ However, apart from ‘happy,’ there are plenty of other adjectives that start with H that you can use. For example, take ‘halcyon’ — it sounds good, and it is the equivalent of peaceful and happy.

Because every word that we speak carries a certain power with it, you should always choose your words carefully. Words can hurt, and words can heal. Today, let’s focus on the healing part. I have prepared a hearty list of positive adjectives that start with H to help you find balance and harmony.

So, by putting H in the spotlight today, I’ve compiled this list of 60 positive adjectives that start with H:

Positive Adjectives That Start With H Which Inspire Health, Calm and Joy

Halcyon — used to show a past period of time which was happy and peaceful; serene; calm; tranquil.

Hale — healthy; strong; fit; sturdy; hardy.

Happy — feeling or showing pleasure; joy; felicitous; fortunate.

Happy-go-lucky — easy-going; carefree; not worrying about the future; untroubled; taking things easy.

Healing — curative; soothing; restorative; getting well; mending.

Healthful — full of health; healthy; free from disease; wholesome or salutary.

Healthy — having a sound health; having a vigorous mentality; wholesome; considerable; being in a state of good health.

High — happy; energetic; feeling very good; feeling greater than normal.

Highest — the best; the most high.

Hospitable — showing warmth and generosity towards guests; receptive; open-minded.

Huggy — affectionate in a physical way; loving.

Humane — civilized; moral; compassionate and kind; showing sympathy for humans and animals.

Humanitarian — having concern for human lives and trying to alleviate their suffering; caring about the well-being of people.

Humorous — funny; playful; joyful.

Hysterical – extremely funny.

Adjectives That Start With H and Denote Sincerity, Adoration and Boldness

Hallowed — greatly honored and revered; holy; consecrated.

Hardy — courageous; able to survive under harsh circumstances; audacious; intrepid; bold; brave; daring; firm.

Head — chief; principal; someone of greatest importance or significance.

Heartfelt — deeply sincere; earnest; hearty; sincere.

Heart-to-heart — frank; candid; honest; sincere.

Hearty — sincere; honest; complete; someone who has good health; warm-hearted; affectionate; cordial; genuine.

Heroic — showing extreme courage; courageous; determined; brave; daring; majestic; grand; impressive; great.

High-minded — cultured; someone who has honorable ideas; upstanding; moral; virtuous.

High-principled — imbued with moral principles; moral; virtuous.

High-spirited — lively; courageous; bold;

Holy — sacred; divine; worthy of adoration; saintly; godly; spiritually pure.

Honest — sincere; frank; having honorable principles and actions; respectable; genuine.

Honorary — given an honor; privileged; holding a title; respected.

Honorable — reputable; worthy of respect and honor; high-rank; illustrious; distinguished.

Honored — reputable; highly respected; admired.

Humble — having a modest behavior or attitude; modest.

Adjectives That Start With H and Show Beauty and Attractiveness

Handsome — good-looking; striking; imposing; elegant; stately; stunning; gorgeous; substantial (about money).

Harmonious — musically pleasing; melodious; marked by agreement in feeling; concordant; consonant; tuneful.

Heavenly — extremely beautiful; blissful; celestial; divine; resembling or befitting heaven.

High-class — elegant; superior; first-class; high-quality.

Homey — cozy; homeline; comfortable.

Honeyed — flattering and ingratiating; sweetened; pleasant; pleasing.

Hot — feeling or giving off heat; involving strong emotions; arousing; passionate; sexual.

Hunky — having a strong and masculine beauty; chunky; in good condition.

Hypnotic — alluring; something that attracts interest mysteriously; puzzling; dazzling.

Other Useful Adjectives That Start With H

Handy — something that is conveniently available; within easy reach; dexterous; useful.

Happening — lively; full of life; vibrant; dynamic.

Hard-working — someone who works hard; diligent; industrious; zealous.

Harmless — innocent; safe; unhurt; inoffensive.

Heedful — paying close attention; vigilant; mindful; attentive.

Hegemonic — ruling; leading; controlling; dominating.

Helpful — giving aid or assistance; of service; being of use; useful; beneficial; salutary.

Hep — up-to-date; cool; hip; sophisticated.

Heteroclite — eccentric; abnormal; out of the ordinary.

Heuristic — stimulating interest; encouraging someone to learn and discover; indicating ways to discover through trial and error.

High-powered — someone who has a lot of energy; dynamic; energetic; full of energy and spirit.

High-priority — something that should come first in line; pressing;

High-reaching — determined; ambitious; trying to reach a goal; aspiring.

Hilarious — funny; jolly; something that makes you laugh.

Hip — cool; fashionable; hep; stylish.

Hopeful — showing expectation; inspiring or feeling optimism and success; manifesting hope.

Hortative — encouraging; advisory.

Hotshot — self-confident; talented; successful.

Hygienic — sanitary; clean; healthy; safe.

Hypersonic — higher than the speed of sound.

Conclusion — High-Minded Individuals Stay Humble and Hopeful

Trying to boost your positivity might not always come easy. Sometimes, you need to meditate deeply for hours to achieve serenity. Other times, one single word will make your day better. It all comes down to perception and acceptance. I hope this list of adjectives that start with H will help boost your mood and bring some positivity in your life.

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