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Positivity Boost: 39 Positive Adjectives That Start With J

Using a positive vocabulary in your everyday speech is bound to open many doors for you in the future. After all, everyone loves a person with a positive outlook on life! If you’d like to start right now, here are some positive adjectives that start with J you can use.

These adjectives are great for any occasion, whether you’re writing an e-mail, or having a casual conversation with a friend. Try them out and see what happens!

Various Adjectives That Start With J for Every Occasion

Jammy ― fortunate; blessed; lucky; filled or covered with jam.

Jam-packed ― packed or filled tightly or to capacity; full of something.

Jaunty ―a person expressing a lively, cheerful, and self-confident manner; stylish; dapper; brisk; natty; cheerful; buoyant; a self-confident person.

Jaw-dropping ― stunning; exceptionally good; amazing; causing great astonishment and surprise.

Jestful ― funny; full of jokes; given to jesting.

Jesting ― something said or done for amusement; joking; playful; light-hearted; sportful.

Jewelled ― covered with jewels or beads.

Jiggish ― jovial; frolicsome; frisky; playful.

Joculary ― sportive; jocular.

Joculatory ― sportive; droll.

Jocund ― showing or full of high-spirited and lighthearted merriment; jovial; exuberant.

Joint ―united; joined; combined; acting together.

Jointed ― articulated; having jointed segments or joints; formed with nodes or knots; knotty.

Jokey ― humorous or teasing; jocular.

Jolif ― jolly; joyful; merry; pleasant.

Jolly ― full of good humor and merry spirits; enjoyable; greatly pleasing; mirthful; cheerful.

Jovial ― characterized by good cheer and hearty conviviality; merry; hilarious; jolly; majestic.

Joyful ― feeling or causing delight; very glad; full of joy and happiness.

Joyous ― joyful; happy; glad; merry.

Joysome ― inspiring or causing gladness or joy.

Jubilant ― expressing joy or happiness; triumphant; exulting; full of delight.

Judicious ― exhibiting or having sound judgment; prudent; wise; discreet.

Juicy ― exciting; enticing; interesting; succulent; moist; lucrative; rewarding; gratifying; having strong sexual appeal and appearance.

Just ― suitable; proper; righteous; correct.

Justified ― morally right; deserved; valid.

Uncommon Adjectives That Start With J

Jaculable ― capable or fit to be thrown.

Jake ― acceptable; satisfactory; adequate; suitable.

Jazzed ― excited; delighted.

Jazzy ― active; lively; flashy; fancy; showy.

Jessant ― shooting up; coming forth; emerging or springing up (usually plant or animal).

Jigjog ― having a jolting motion.

Jim-dandy ― excellent, fine, or outstanding.

Jimp ― elegant; handsome; delicate; trim; neat.

Jobbing ― doing chance work or odd jobs.

Jocose ― merry; humorous; playful; jolly; given to jesting and jokes.

Jocoserious ― half serious; mixing mirth with seriousness.

Jocular ― merry; amusing; humorous; sportive; waggish.

Jump ― exact; precise; nice; fitting.

Junoesque ― characterized by stately beauty like the goddess Juno (especially of a woman).

The Conclusion

Although there aren’t that many positive adjectives that start with J, it’s good to have them at hand. You never know when a word like jimp or junoesque might be useful. Try them out in your next conversation with friends and see how they react!

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