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Positivity Boost: 49 Adjectives That Start With K

Are you keen on adjectives? Perhaps you consider yourself knowledgeable on the subject? Well, then you might just be my kindred spirit! Those were just some of the adjectives that start with K — and today, I’ll show you many more!

So why did I choose K? Because this letter of the alphabet is full of kick-ass, killer adjectives that are bound to enrich your vocabulary. And there’s another catch — I’m giving the spotlight only to positive words today. Enough with the adjectives that bring people down; let’s lift each other up instead!

Adjectives That Start With K That Denote Intelligence, Knowledge, and Sharpness

Knowledgeable — intelligent; well-informed; learned.

Knowing — significant; meaningful; suggestive (such as in a knowing smile); highly educated; well-informed; alert; shrewd.

Knowable — something that can be observed, understood or learned.

Known — familiar; recognized; within some scope of knowledge, publicly recognized.

Keen — enthusiastic; eager; if referring to an edge, finely sharpened; intelligent and observant; astute.

Keen-sighted — having good eyesight; being able to see to a great distance.

Keen-eyed — having sharp eyesight; observant.

Keen-witted — quick to notice and understand things; sharp; observant.

Knacky — handy; ingenious; clever; having a knack for something; crafty.

Knifelike — sharp; observant; astute; intelligent; showing the ability to draw fine distinctions.

Adjectives That Start With K Relating to Royalty, Chivalry, and Nobility

Kingly — regal; typical of a king; behaving in a noble manner or having a royal presence.

Kinglike — noble; befitting a king (whether it is a rank or something else).

Kingdomed — like a kingdom; having the quality of a kingdom.

Knightly — resembling, or characteristic of a knight; noble; courageous; chivalrous.

King-size or king-sized — larger than standard; of a size befitting a king (usually used for beds and furniture).

Adjectives That Start With K and Denote Kindness, Closeness, and Importance

Kind — of a generous, friendly, or considerate nature; affectionate; loving; tolerant; forgiving.

Kind-hearted — sympathetic; warm; affectionate; gentle; good-natured.

Kindly — benevolent; generous; good-natured; pleasant; mild.

Kindred — similar in kind; related; feeling a deep bond; allied; showing similarity of character (kindred spirits).

Kin — related to someone, usually by blood.

Key — crucial; vital; essential.

Adjectives That Start With K Relating to Children

Kid-friendly — appropriate or good for children; without adult themes; family-friendly.

Kid-like — resembling a kid; childlike; typical of a kid.

Kid-glove — showing sensitivity, gentleness, and skill when dealing with people; being tactful.

Kiddish — frolicsome; sportive; light-hearted; playful.

Fun Adjectives That Start With K and Denote Playfulness, Restlessness, and Excitement

Kittenish — playful; lively; flirtatious.

Kissable — physically attractive; lovable; inviting to be kissed.

Kissy — amorous; frequently kissing.

Kicky — fashionable; exciting; stylish.

Kinky — frizzy, curly (when speaking of hair); quirky; unusual; unconventional (often used for sexual preferences).

Kick-ass — excellent; impressive; nothing can measure up to it.

Killer — excellent; impressive; formidable; hilarious (quite informal).

Killing — hilarious to the point of exhaustion (a killing joke).

Kinetic — relating to motion; active; energetic; dynamic.

Kinematic — relating to motion; movement.

Knockout — striking; appealing; attractive; strong; vigorous.

Kindled — being ignited, aroused, inspired.

Knockabout — denoting rough, usually slapstick comedy or jokes; boisterous.

Kenspeckle — recognizable; easy to spot; conspicuous.

Kicksy-wicksy — fantastic; restless; flickering (when speaking of a flame).

Keyed up — excited; nervous; jumpy.

Interesting Adjectives That Start With K

Kaleidoscopic — multicolored; having a complex pattern or a mix of elements.

Kaleidoscopical — formed by a kaleidoscope; exhibiting different colors.

Kempt — neat; clean; well cared for (can be used both for people and places).

Kept-up — maintained; cared for; fresh.

Keepable — able to be kept without deterioration or spoiling (often used for food).

Kosher — genuine; legitimate; correct; also related to Jewish cuisine.

Kooky — strange; offbeat; eccentric; interesting.

Knotty — intricate; complex; full of knots (if about a rope or a tree branch).

Conclusion — Kindness Is the Key to Many Doors

Do you know anyone who could use a kind word today, or perhaps a boost of confidence? Send them one of these “K” adjectives — or you can go all out and show them the whole article. Words have power, and if that power allows you to do some good, then why not use it?

And perhaps it’s you who needs some cheering up. If that’s the case, positive adjectives that start with K are here to pick you up and brighten your day. So choose your favorite one from this list — believe me, you’ll feel quite like a king!

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