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Positivity Boost: 49 Positive Adjectives That Start With O

by Martha Simmonds

Being positive is something that simply comes from within. Thinking happy thoughts can make even the cloudiest, most mundane day seem bearable. However, not everyone has the ability to smile when they’re feeling down. That’s where these positive adjectives that start with O come in handy!

Use these words whenever you get the opportunity, and you’re bound to make a difference in someone’s day!

Miscellaneous Adjectives Starting With O

Obcordate ― something that is heart-shaped.

Objective ― uninfluenced by personal prejudices or emotions; having actual reality or existence.

Obtainable ― available; on-the-market; capable of being procured or obtained.

Occurrent ― actually and factually observable or occurring.

Odds-on ― very likely to succeed, win or happen; having a better chance of winning than even.

Official ― verified (officially); conforming to set procedure, usage or discipline; formal; authoritative.

Oil-bearing ― containing or having oil.

Oily ― containing oil; resembling oil in characteristics; smooth or slippery.

Okay ― acceptable; fine; agreeable; pretty good; satisfactory; to agree or approve of; authorize.

Olympian ― majestic in bearing or manner; far beyond what is usual in degree or magnitude.

Omnipresent ― constantly or widely encountered; present everywhere or all places at the same time.

On ― being in operation or taking place; happening; planned; intended.

One ― being a single unit, entity or object; undivided; unique.

On-target ― accurate; exactly appropriate.

Onward ― moving toward a more advanced condition or state; moving toward the future; moving forward.

Open ― not tied or sealed; obvious; unfolded; accessible to all; free from restrictions; generous.

Operable ― ready; fit; able to be used; practicable.

Operative ― efficient; effective; functional.

Opportune ― right or suited for a particular purpose; convenient; seasonable; timely.

Everyday Adjective That Start With O to Zhuzh-Up Your Vocabulary

Oecumenical ― universal; of worldwide scope; general.

Optimal ― best possible; most favorable or desirable.

Optimum ― best; most advantageous or favorable; most desirable.

Opulent ― luxuriant; rich and sumptuous; affluent; wealthy; superior and rich in quality.

Organic ― natural; conducted or raised without the use of synthetic chemicals or drugs; having characteristics associated with living organisms.

Oriented ― located or adjusted in relation to circumstances or surroundings.

Ornamental ― embellishing; aesthetic; beautifying; embellishment or accessory.

Ornate ―florid, flashy or showy in manner or style; to honor; highly or elaborately decorated.

Orotund ― deep, full and rich in sound; sonorous; bombastic and pompous.

Oscular ― relating to kissing or muscles used in kissing.

Otherworldly ― supernatural; incredible; amazing; seeming to come from or belong to another world; transcendental.

Out-of-this-world ― incredibly impressive or enjoyable; so good or great that it seems it cannot be possible that it is real; unreal.

Outstanding ― superior, prominent, or noticeable of others of its kind; exceptionally good.

Over ― superior; higher; upper; covering; been brought or having come to conclusion; being more than expected or needed.

Overflowing ― more than full; abundant n. superabundance; surplus.

Overjoyed ― joyful; extremely happy.

Overriding ― first in priority; having superior influence or power.

Overt ― done or shown openly; plainly apparent; undisguised.

Optimistic Adjectives That Start With O to Describe Personality Traits

Obliging ― helpful; showing readiness to do favors to others.

Observant ―quick to apprehend or perceive; taking notice.

Omnicompetent ― able to handle any and all matters or situations.

Omnipotent ― having unlimited or great power and influence; all-powerful; almighty.

Omniscient ― knowing everything or having unlimited understanding; all-knowing; all-wise.

Open-handed ― generous; munificent; liberal.

Open-hearted ― kind and generous; candidly straightforward; sincere.

Open-minded― ready or receptive to new and different ideas; liberal; broad-minded.

Outgoing ― responsive and sociable to others; going out.

Optimistic ― hopeful; disposed to take the most favorable or hopeful view of the matter; sanguine.

Orderly ― neat; systematic; methodical; clean.

Original ― authentic; not copied or derived from something else; first or preceding all others in time; fresh (especially an unusual way); pioneering; inventive; productive of new ideas or things.

The Conclusion

Using a positive vocabulary is a productive way to start your day. Once you incorporate these words into your everyday speech, people will start to perceive you differently, and I mean that in the best way possible!

Use these positive adjectives that start with O when writing an e-mail, text message, or in any conversation and I guarantee you’ll get an optimistic response!

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