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Positivity Boost: 101 Positive Adjectives That Start With P

There are countless words in the English language which we can use to describe the world around us. Each letter of the alphabet can be the beginning of a heartfelt compliment, or a snarky remark. Sadly, I see too many people embracing the latter. So many choose to surround themselves with hate, and their vocabulary is the best proof of that.

Well, I don’t see the point of dwelling in negativity. So, I choose to look on the bright side, but more importantly, speak on the bright side. Since P is for positivity, I’ve compiled a list of 101 positive adjectives that start with P.

Adjectives That Start With P Denoting Beauty or Quality

Paradisiac — related to or originating from Paradise; idyllic or ideal; heavenly; godly.

Parnassian — poetic; artistic/artsy.

Peachy — great; very good; resembling a peach; splendid.

Perfect — without flaw; pure; complete; precisely accurate; untainted.

Petite — of small or slender physique.

Picturesque — resembling a picture; vivid or expressive (most commonly in an unusual way); pretty as a picture; charming to look at.

Piquant — attractive, charming or interesting; pleasing or stimulating to the taste or mind.

Pleasant — agreeable, pleasing; delightful.

Pleasing — something that gives someone a sense of enjoyment, cheer, gratification, or pleasure.

Plush — something that is luxurious or has the appearance of being expensive; something that has a fluffy and soft exterior.

Polished — shiny as the result of rubbing; refined; sophisticated; cultured; flawless.

Posh — refined; fashionable and smart; stylishly luxurious; elegant.

Premier — most important; of highest status; earliest.

Premium — superior in quality.

Prime — of highest quality, value, or degree; chief.

Princely — similar to or reminiscent of a prince; noble; royal.

Principal — highest, first or foremost in rank, degree, worth or importance; chief.

Pristine — remaining free from decay or dirt; clean; pure; original.

Pleasurable — something that is gratifying; abounding in or capable of giving pleasure and satisfaction.

Prodigious — highly great in extent, force; extraordinary; portentous.

Pabulous — edible; alimental.

Palatable — acceptable to the taste; tasty; pleasurable.

Palpable — touchable, easy to handle; perceived with ease or obvious.

Perspicuous — clearly presented or expressed; explained well; easy to understand.

Picked — selected or chosen; referring to someone with extraordinary qualities; smart; spruce.

Empowering Adjectives That Start With P

Pacey — progressing at a fast pace, swiftly; quick; sharp.

Paramount — supreme; superior within a hierarchy; the highest level.

Particular — important; specific or unique to something or someone.

Peerless — having no equal or peer; unmatched by anyone; unique to the highest degree.

Permanent — something lasting without a foreseeable change in condition, status or place.

Perseverant — persistent in achieving something despite difficulty; persevering; unwavering.

Persevering — characterized by perseverance; constant in fulfilling a purpose.

Persistent — someone unwilling to quit or give up; never-ceasing.

Phenomenal — extraordinary; exceeding all expectations; relating to a phenomenon.

Pioneering — originating; groundbreaking in a certain domain.

Pious — worthy; having devotion for or idolizing a deity.

Pivotal — relating to a pivot or turning point; being the crucial or vital importance; key; central.

Poignant — strong mental sensation; agreeably stimulating; neat; keen; sharp.

Potent — strong; powerful and effective; which influences.

Powerful — strong, forcible, effective, influential; capacious; potent.

Praiseworthy — deserving of admiration or praise; commendable.

Predominant — prevalent; widespread; having a large amount of influence.

Preeminent — noteworthy; superior to; above all others.

Preponderant — outweighing; having a superior power.

Prevailing — most common; widespread; having superior influence.

Prized — cherished; valued.

Prizewinning — having won a prize.

Professional — possessing great skill; showing expertise.

Proficient — skilled at something; practiced; well-versed in.

Adjectives That Start With P About Personality or Character

Pally — friendly having the relationship of pals/friends.

Parental — characteristic of or similar to a parent; affectionate; tender.

Potential — existing a probability to occur; having capability or possibility to happen or succeed; expected to be or become.

Passionate — having a powerful range of emotions; capable to evoke strong feelings; amorous; blazing.

Paternal characteristic of a father; fatherly; taking on the role of a father; inherited from one’s father.

Preppy — paying great attention to appearance and looks; polished.

Patient someone that endures difficulty or being provoked in a calm manner; tolerant.

Peaceable — peaceful; of a calm nature, harmonious.

Peaceful — tranquil; calm; undisturbed by turmoil or cluster.

Penetrating — seeming or able to penetrate (usually one’s thoughts or feelings); keenly perceptive; acute.

Peppy — characterized by cheerful spirit; high-energy and fun; vigorous; happy-go-lucky.

Perceptive — having or showing ability and keenness of perception, insight or understanding; sensitive; keen in discernment.

Perky — lighthearted and lively; someone joyful; firm and solid.

Permissive — inclined to or granting permission; permitted; tolerated; someone tolerant.

Personable — someone with a pleasant personality or appearance; attractive.

Perspicacious — someone with sharp senses or instincts; clear-sighted; perceptive or acute.

Persuasive= convincing; someone with the ability to persuade or convince.

Pert — high-energy; vivacious; lively; bold; keen.

Pertinent — having logical relevance to the matter at hand; relevant; eloquent; well versed.

Philanthropic — relating to philanthropy; displaying solidarity; humanitarian; good Samaritan.

Philoprogenitive — prolific; fond of offspring or children.

Pilot — leader; serving as a guide; an experimental model or test-run for further development.

Placid — complacent, satisfied; undisturbed; peaceful.

Playful — humorous, full of high spirits and fun; recreational.

Pleased — content; someone who is experiencing satisfaction or pleasure.

Participant — taking part in; contributing to; participating; getting involved in.

Participative — capable of participating; eager to participate; relating to participation.

Partisan — adherent to a faction, party, cause or interest.

Pet — indulging and cherishing; to express affection; someone’s favorite.

Plucky — an action that shows having spirit and courage in trying circumstances, brave.

Popular — favored by a wide group of people; widely appreciated, liked or approved.

Positive — with an optimistic attitude; confident; involving a good feeling about something; characterized by certainty.

Pragmatic — handling facts; practical; blunt and direct.

Precise — exact; extremely accurate; in accordance.

Prepared — ready; adapted; suitable or fit for.

Prevenient — preceding; anticipating something; preventive.

Primed — prepared for action or use.

Poised — ready to do a particular thing at any moment; assured; composed; prepared.

Polite — respectful; educated; well-mannered.

Prayerful — devoted to prayer, faith, or divinity.

Poetic — exhibiting imagination characteristic of poetry; artistic and graceful.

Principled — based on manifesting predefined standards of morality.

Productive — capable of producing rapidly and yielding good results; characterized by fruitfulness.

Protective — defensive; wishing to protect something or someone; sheltering; denoting parental qualities.

Progressive — proceeding or moving forward; promoting and favoring progress.

Prudent — practically wise; anticipative and careful; frugal.

Adjectives That Start With P Expressing Quantity

Plenary — entire; full or complete in all respects; absolute.

Plenteous — something that is in abundance, productive, rich.

Plentiful — existing in great quantity or supply; copious; fruitful.

Plenty — rich, abundant, plentiful.

Plus — addition; more; extra or added.

Conclusion: Perseverance Is The Key to Power

Words hold great power. And the way you choose to use them says a lot about you. The way you express yourself influences you and the people around you. After all, you attract the energy that you exude.

Dwelling in negativity will only bring more bad things your way. But a peppy attitude and a positive vocabulary can ensure your happiness. For this reason, it’s important to try and stay positive and persevere through difficult times. And a great place to start is your vocabulary. So, I hope this list of positive adjectives that start with P can push you to a happier life.

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