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Positivity Boost: 67 Positive Adjectives That Start With T

Words are more than just a combination of letters and sounds — they also have meaning. That meaning is too often loaded with negativity and drab. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the letter T and some positive adjectives that start with T.

In this article,  I’ll shed some light on the empowering and inspiring things that can help us bring some positivity in our lives. As can be seen in everyday life, what you say and how you say it is both very important.

So then, come along and take the tour of the totally tremendous things you can tell, all starting with a T! Use these positivity-loaded words to enrich your vocabulary and your life. You’ll be amazed to see the change positive adjectives can bring to your world.

List of Empowering Adjectives That Start With T

Tactical — strategic; able to plan further than the immediate future; careful when it comes to dealing with making plans; can mean the same as prudent.

Tailored — made exactly to fit one’s needs; can mean something that is precisely created to please the senses.

Talented — naturally skilled; possessing a gift for something; having an artistic or creative aptitude.

Talismanic — inspiring, especially to a group; can also be used to talk about a symbol of good luck.

Tangible — clear and definite; concrete or substantial proof or fact.

Tantamount — equal to something; as good as something else.

Tasteful — possessing a good taste; refined and cultured; showing appropriate behavior or judgment.

Temperate — controlled, restrained; able to enjoy something moderately; prone to staying away from the extremes, both positive and negative.

Tenable — able to resist objections and attacks; can refer to someone or something sturdy, able to hold its ground.

Tenacious — determined, persistent; can mean cohesive and resistant.

Terrific — wonderful, magnificent; awe-inspiring due to its scope and beauty.

Titanic — enormous like its namesake; giant in size.

Thoughtful — meditative; frequently used to note someone considerate of the needs of others.

Thrilled — excited; inspired or delighted by something.

Thrilling — used to talk about something that brings excitement or pleasure.

Thriving — flourishing; can be used to describe something growing.

Throaty — deep, resonate, soothing; especially used when talking about voice.

Thundering — huge, massive; impressive in its size and scope.

Thunderous — very loud, powerful, or intense.

Tidy — neat, orderly, especially when talking about appearance.

Tight — concise, well put together. “To run a tight ship” means to be able to keep every aspect of a process under control.

Time-honored — traditional; can refer to something that is respected due to heritage.

Time-saving or timesaving — able to reduce the amount of time needed to do something.

Tiptop or tip-top — excellent; possessing the highest quality. By the same token, to make something tiptop means to make it the best it can be.

Tireless — energetic. In the same fashion, tirelessness can be used when talking about something or someone with great determination.

Token — a symbol or a sign; a representative of a fact or feeling.

Tolerant — open-minded, liberal; willing to respect other perspectives and ideas.

Topical  — current, contemporary; relevant to current events.

Topmost — very important or of high status.

Total — entire, complete, or whole; can mean that something is as perfect as it can be.

Totemic — symbolic of a certain quality or concept.

Timeless — classic, enduring; able to stand the test of time.

Timely — punctual; respectful of other people’s time.

Tough — strong, resilient; able to persevere through hard times.

Towering — outstanding, leading;  can also mean very important.

Trailblazing — innovative. Introducing new concepts and ideas.

Tranquil  — peaceful, calm, undisturbed; can also mean something serene and generally pleasant.

Transcultural or trans-cultural — related to more than one culture; benefiting from its ability to go beyond cultural borders.

Tremendous — huge, wonderful; outstanding by its size or by its beauty.

Tretis — pretty; well made (when talking about objects), or nicely proportioned (when talking about the living things). Keep in mind, though, that this word is rarely used.

Trim — neat, well adjusted. Generally used to refer to objects, rather than people.

Adjectives That Start With T Related to Beauty, Charm, and Pleasure

Tactful — possessing a lot of tact and patience; considerate when dealing with others, sensitive; understanding and delicate.

Tactile — instantly pleasing to the touch, and even made to be that way.

Tactual — similar to tactile; generally speaking, used to refer to a person who uses touch to show affection.

Talkative — chatty; eager to talk, but in a friendly way.

Tantalizing — exciting or tempting, especially when it comes to senses and desires; something or someone that is almost hypnotic in their/its appeal.

Tasty — mostly used to refer to something attractive or appealing; when it comes to food, it is something with a pleasant flavor.

Teeming — full of something; plentiful.

Tender — kind and affectionate; should be reserved for talking about softer, more delicate emotions.

Tender-hearted — of kind, sentimental nature; a wholesome, caring, and tender person or behavior.

Titillating — arousing, stimulating, but playfully so.

Touching — moving, heart-warming; causing a feeling of gratitude.

Positive Adjectives That Start With T Related to Honesty and Uniqueness

Thankful — grateful; expressing appreciation and respect.

Thankworthy — worthy of thankfulness; can also mean something or someone that makes us feel gratitude.

Therapeutic — curing to both body and mind; pleasing and soothing.

Thorough — devoted to detail; not partial;  meticulous and in-depth when dealing with something.

Thoroughgoing or thorough-going — can mean the same as thorough; also, it can refer to a real representative of a specific trait.

Tranquilizing — bringing peace and calm to body and soul.

Transcendent — exceptional, supreme; surpassing the regular human experience.

Transcendental — having the quality of another world; related to the spiritual realm and divine.

Triumphant — victorious, successful; in the first place; used to denote a great victory.

True — genuine, authentic; can mean both faithful and accurate.

True-blue — loyal, faithful; extremely devoted to a person or a cause.

Trusting — not suspicious; willing to accept others as they are; open-minded and possessing a curious mind.

Trustworthy — reliable, honest: someone or something that one can rely on.

Truthful  — sincere, honest, genuine; in art, true to life, accurate.

Tuneful — melodic, musical; having a pleasant tune; can refer both to music and to other sounds.


We can all agree that what you say and how you say it matters. Sometimes, the words you choose to say or write can even be more hurtful than a physical act of violence. After all, anyone who has been hurt by someone’s unkind words knows that this is true.

Fortunately, this goes both ways. There are many soothing, calming, and healing words that you can use. With more positive adjectives and words in general, you can create a more prosperous environment for living and working. Give it a try and soon you’ll see the beneficial results.

In brief, the words you use can make a change in the world around you. So, why not make it a change for the better? That’s why I made this list of positive adjectives that start with T. Use it as a handy tool to make your world a better, more encouraging place.

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