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Positivity Boost: 46 Positive Adjectives That Start With V

by Martha Simmonds

Everyone needs a boost of positivity from time to time. Luckily, there are so many complimentary words in the English language just waiting for you to use them on the right occasion! Just look at these incredibly positive adjectives that start with V.

Just think ― by using one of these words to tell someone how vibrant or voluptuous they look, you could end up making their day!

Take a look at some of my favorite adjectives that start with the letter V, and try to incorporate them into your vocabulary. I promise you won’t be sorry!

Various Positive Adjectives That Start With V

Varicolored ― having a variety of colors; having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly; calico; motley; multicolored; painted; pied

Validatory ― serving to validate, support, or corroborate.

Valorous ― characterized by showing or having valor.

Valuable ― having value; importance or worth; estimable; precious.

Vast ― a wide space; large or spacy; very great in importance or force; mighty.

Vatic ― divinatory; mantic; sibyllic; sibylline; vatical.

Vatical ― resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

Vaulting ― exaggerated; overreaching; leaning over or upward.

Vehement ― energetic; vigorous; passionate; very ardent; someone who is fervent or eager; forceful; intense.

Venerable ― worthy of reverence or veneration; greatly honored.

Venturesome ― bold; daring; intrepid; adventurous; someone who is up for anything; audacious; venturous

Venust ― beautiful; amiable; gorgeous.

Veracious ― truthful; honest; accurate; precise.

Verdurous ― having youthful; fresh or new qualities; verdant; freshly green.

Veridical ― truthful; true; veracious.

Verified ― something that is proved to be true or right.

Very ― absolute; actual; veritable; true; precisely as stated; real; the same.

Vestal ― pure; chaste.

Vibratile ― characterized by vibration.

Vibratory ― moving very rapidly to and fro or up and down

Vital ― characteristic of relating to life; very important; necessary for life; essential; viable.

Vivacious ― lively; animated; merry; long-lived.

Vivid ― clear; brilliant; bright; intense; powerful; colorful; detailed; lively.

Vocal ― having or produced by a voice; resounding; outspoken.

Volant ― flying; able to fly; agile; nimble; active; rapid; quick and light.

Volitional ― done intentionally or consciously.

Complimentary Adjectives That Start With V

Valiant ― courageous; noble; heroic; strong; brave.

Valid ― well-grounded; efficient; acceptable; just; correct; strong; good; proper.

Valued ― something or someone who is esteemed; prized; highly regarded.

Versatile ― changeable; variable; having great variety or diversity; freely movable.

Versed ― skilled or knowledgeable through experience or study; practiced; turned; turned over.

Veteran ― a person that is skilled and experienced in a particular field.

Viable ― capable or possible of being done; capable of continuing effectiveness or success; capable of living.

Vibrant ― bright; resonating; lively; vigorous.

Victor ― victorious; the winner.

Encouraging Adjectives That Start With V

Victorious ― being the winner in something; having won; expressing a sense of triumph or victory.

Vigilant ― alert; carefully attentive or observant; watchful; wary.

Vigorous ― someone who is physically or mentally active; energetic; strong.

Virile ― spirited; power or vigor; potent; manly; characterized by energy and vigor.

Virtuous ― showing or having excellent moral character; pure; righteous; valiant; efficacious.

Visionary ― characterized by foresight or vision; illusory; idealistic; prophetic; revelatory n. one who has visions or positive ideas about the future.

Voguish ― elegant and stylish; in accord with the latest fad; chic; smart; well-dressed.

Voluptuous ― sexy; curvaceous; full-figured; characterized by full; luxury; generous or pleasurable sensation.

Voracious ― engaging in an activity with great enthusiasm or eagerness.

Vulnerary ― used or useful in the healing; curative.

Vulpine ― resembling or characteristic of a fox.

Final Thoughts

Rather than staying silent, try complimenting your friends, loved ones, and even strangers (if you’re not too shy) on something. Whether it’s their look, hairstyle, or their voguish style, you can make quite a difference in someone’s day with just a word.

If you ever run out of ideas, you can always check this list of positive adjectives that start with V for some inspiration. Furthermore, you’ll find plenty of lists filled with amazing words you can start using on a daily basis. You never know when they’ll come in handy!

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