adventure sports for american travel enthusiasts

8 Adventure Sports Ideas For American Travel Enthusiasts

The United States of America, a.k.a. the land of the brave, is arguably one of the best countries in the world for doing crazy, outdoorsy stuff. Spread over 24,709,000 square kilometers, the United States is home to fifty separate states, each diverse in its way.

Furthermore, each state has something or the other to offer, from varying cultures and history to different climatic conditions to innumerable activities, tourist destinations, and recreational areas.

The US is where several sports have come into inception, with many being favorites. Besides the general sports we know of, extreme sports are a treat as they are spine-chilling in the best possible way. These include paragliding, mountain climbing, base jumping, river rafting, and snowboarding, among many others. Anything you think people would say is fraught with danger is an adventure or extreme sport.

Although they will give you a stick for your decision, doing something thrilling is something one should do for it to serve as a reminder that life isn’t all hardships.

If you’re a travel enthusiast at a point in life where you want to do exhilarating activities and experience some chills, get them off your bucket list ASAP. Here are some adventure sports ideas for you to do in the US.

1. Rafting

Rafting is one of the most thrilling adventure sports one can do for various reasons. It’s a sport available for people of all ages and sizes. There is also an option to choose which class level is suitable to ensure your experience is thrilling without compromising your safety. It requires teamwork, as there are other people besides you in the raft that flows through the varying tides and water levels.

In the USA, white water rafting in Pigeon Forge is a favorite among thrillseekers. Located in the Smoky Mountains range, this spot attracts innumerable tourists annually. Tick it off your list.

2. Kayaking

Kayaking is much the same as rafting; the only difference is that kayaking is a one-person activity, whereas rafting is a team activity. Kayaking across the Grand Canyon in Arizona is probably the best kayaking experience there. If you’re in tiptop shape and are a fitness freak, kayaking along the Colorado River is something you must do.

3. Base Jumping

As the name states, this sport involves jumping off high-rise places like skyscrapers, cliffs, antennas, etc. Undoubtedly, the most intimidating yet exciting part about base jumping is that you jump off directly from random spots instead of jumping out of a plane into the open. You can try cliff jumping Oahu, sure it will be your great experience with your friends.

Although it is illegal in most parts of the country, the only human-made base jump site in the country is in Idaho and is known as Perrine Bridge. Since base jumping is far riskier than skydiving, you must have ample experience as a skydiver first to be eligible for base jumping.

4. Skiing

One of the most death-defying sports, skiing is not for the fainthearted. While maintaining your balance, skiing involves making your way downhill and jumping from heights the size of a whole house or more. To push yourself to the limit and bring out the inner Red Bull athlete, Valdez, Alaska, is the right place as it is one of the most dangerous spots for heli-skiing and boarding. You will have a memorable experience here because of how steep the mountains are and the aura of the place, making it a comparatively higher-risk adventure sport.

Another prominent location for skiing is Corbet Couloir in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Moreover, an extremely steep slope here throws you down to the bottom. Although it sounds intimidating, it is easy and doable.

5. Snowboarding

Similar to skateboarding, snowboarding is also quite popular in the US. For various reasons, Mammoth, California, is the ideal location for snowboarding. There are over nine spots to choose from for this activity, and they’re all in Unbound Terrain Parks, making it a favorite for pro-athletes. There’s ample equipment here, meaning there are ramps for first-timers, rookies, and experienced professionals. Everyone can have a good time and thoroughly enjoy it here, regardless of how good they may be.

6. Climbing And Trekking

Climbing is a solo adventure sport that requires venturesome and dauntless individuals. Climbing can be of all sorts, and the difficulty level varies accordingly. Rock climbing is comparatively less risky as you are not hanging up in the air.

On the other hand, mountain climbing is far more dangerous as you are quite literally hanging by a thread. El Capitan in Yosemite, California, is a favorite for climbers all over the country as it is amongst the world’s tallest and most popular monoliths. The summit takes three to six days to cover, while the fastest record set was two and a half hours. That’s insane!

Although different difficulty levels are available for all climbers, it encourages more and more people to attempt it. Nonetheless, this sort of thing does require you to be in the best physical form of your life.

7. Trekking

A comparatively more attainable yet equally grueling activity is trekking. The Appalachian Trail is among the longest trails in the world at 2,190 miles long. This route takes a long time for most hikers to complete in its entirety, approximately five to seven months. Moreover, it expands across multiple states, some of which are Tennessee, Virginia, New York, and Massachusetts. Though not as thrilling, trekking is an adventure sport that galvanizes its athletes. First-timers can trek parts of the place without compromising on the whole experience.

8. Surfing

When talking about surfing, Hawaii is undoubtedly the first place that comes to your mind. When the tides are high, the weather is just right, and surfers from around the world gather here. Probably the most intimidating and bloodcurdling surfing location in the world, Maui, Hawaii, is known to kill many people and also take a toll on professional surfers. For surfing enthusiasts, this is the #1 surfing destination in the world, and rightfully so. If you’re inexperienced, you can visit during the summers as there are lower tides.


There are many extreme sports to partake in, from varying difficulties to different sports to different levels of thrill. The adventure sports mentioned above should help you get some off your bucket list and add to your life experiences.

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