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15 April Fool Pranks to Play on Parents: Family Friendly Fun Ideas

by Shannan Reyes

April Fool’s Day is a day dedicated to pranks. And for many kids, it is the one day of the year where they get a guilt-free mischief pass. Hopefully, your parents have a sense of humor. The most creative pranks are the ones that’ll make you burst out laughing without causing anyone harm or leave you with a huge clean-up project for that matter. Here are some harmless April fool pranks to play on parents.

For Kids

For Kids

#1. Kookie Surprise!

Do your parents love Oreo cookies? Use a butter knife to remove the white icing and replace it with their toothpaste. Put the biscuit back together the way it was and back into the cookie jar. At some point, they’ll reach in, grab the cookie, and bite into it. It’ll be a taste they’ll never forget!

#2. Squeaky Pillows

Here’s an easy and quick prank. When your parents aren’t looking, remove the pillows from their pillowcases and hide them. Fill the pillowcases with balloons instead. It’ll be a squeaky surprise but if their heads are heavy they might get scared by the loud pop sound! Either way, the reaction will be something to remember!

#3. Sugar or Salt?

Switching salt with sugar or sugar with salt may be one of the oldest pranks in the book. And it’s popular for a reason — the reactions have never stopped being funny. Do your parents drink a lot of coffee or tea? Replace the sugar from the sugar pot they use with salt and make their next coffee a salty surprise.

#4. TV Troubles

Another really easy prank that’s guaranteed to give you entertaining reactions. Remove the batteries of their TV remote when they’re not looking and watch them fumble for hours trying to turn on the TV or switch the channel.

If you want to take it up a notch, you could also set the volume high before you take the batteries out. Or change the language setting to French or Japanese to make it confuse them even more.

#5. Cracked Screen

A modern prank for modern kids. Download a cracked screen prank app on your parent’s phone and set a timer. The app will put up an image of a shattered screen that will make it seem like the phone has been damaged. Your parents will catch on eventually, but the initial shock is bound to be hilarious.

#6. Splash!

Do you own a sink sprayer? Get a rubber band and put it around the sink sprayer. The next time your parents go to wash their hands, remember to stand back. It’ll cause a wet mess for you to clean up later though, so remember that. But the laughs will be worth it.

#7. Screwed Up

Another innocent but hilarious prank if you want to really see your parents frustrated. If your family uses a lot of plastic use-and-throw bottles, remove the caps, fill them with transparent super glue, and stick them shut. Then watch them try endlessly to unscrew the bottle for a drink!

For Teens

For Teens

#8. Short Sheets

“Short sheeting” the bed is a harmless but brilliant prank. You remove the top sheet and tuck one end under the mattress at the top of the bed. Fold the end you tucked back up so it will look like the beds are made normally. Set up the pillows and blankets the way they’re usually placed on the bed.

When your parents get into bed, their feet will hit an abrupt end halfway as they try to push their legs and they’ll have no idea why!

#9. Bad Bread

Another timeless classic. All you have to do is use a sharp knife to cleanly cut the top slice off of a bread loaf your parents just bought. Add two drops of green or blue food coloring that’s safe for consumption. That’ll give the appearance of mold forming.

Put the top slice back the way it was so the coloring is hidden. Sit back and watch them freak out just as they’re about to eat the bread. If you’re lucky, they may only notice after taking a bite, in which case the freak out would be even more hilarious.

#10. Actually Clean?

Here is a prank your parents will never see coming. Clean the house, do the dishes, wash the car, and fill up the gas overnight while they’re fast asleep. Make everything look as pristine as possible, as though done by a professional cleaning service.

When they wake up and see all the chores done, they’ll lose their wits as if they’ve seen a ghost. After all, why would their teenage son/daughter stay up at night to do all their chores? Who did everything?

#11. Jell-o Juice

Do your parents love juices or cocktails? Buy a packet of instant jelly powder that matches the color of a juice, such as cranberries or orange juice.

Mix the powder and water to create jelly liquid, pour it into a regular drinking glass, stick a straw into it, and put it in the refrigerator overnight. The jelly will solidify, holding in the straw. Serve it to your parents and watch them suck furiously on the straw to no avail. They’ll be so annoyed!

#12. Soap or No Soap?

Does your family use bar soap? This prank is hilarious but will take some time to set up.

Take the bar of soap when they’re out and you have a long enough window. Dry the soap completely and cover it with clear nail polish. Once the polish dries, it traps the suds. The next time your parents try to use the soap, no matter how hard they brush it against themself, it won’t work.

#13. Doorway Fun

It’ll take some skill to pull off this next prank. The next time your parents are out, use clear plastic wrap to cover the entire doorway. The reason this requires skill is that there cannot be any creases or loose ends, otherwise, your parents will notice it before they try to walk in.

Remember to capture the reaction when they walk in and get pushed back or caught by the plastic wrap, so you can replay it over and over again and marvel at your genius.

#14. Honey, I’ve Shrunk My Feet?

This is a really funny one! Take some cotton and roll it into large balls. Stuff these cotton balls into your parent’s sneakers or shoes. The next time they put on the shoes it’ll feel as though their feet grew larger or their shoes have shrunk.
It’ll be hilarious! Just remember to be around so you can watch.

#15. Non-stop Alarms

If you have the kind of parents who never let you sleep in, this might be the best way for you to get back at them. Grab their phone when they’re not looking and create as many alarms as you can that go off every 5 minutes or at different times, to break up their sleep.

But make sure you only do this on a day they don’t have to work. It would be irresponsible and cruel to disrupt your parents’ sleep when they have to work all day the next day.

A Few Parting Words

Everyone loves a good April Fool’s Day prank that’s hilarious and does no damage to people or property. And the fun doesn’t have to stay limited to just youngsters. There are several April fool pranks to play on parents to make them laugh.

And with this, you are now armed with some of the most creative and hilarious ones. Just make sure you don’t harm anything and don’t get too carried away.

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