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Want to Know How Baby Goats Are Called? Read This

by Gloria Louden

Have you ever wondered how baby goats are called? Yeah, me too. This is definitely not the type of information you’ll find in a magazine or hear over the radio. I’ve done some research, and what I found sparked my interest. Honestly, I never would have guessed it, and I assume you’ll feel the same way when you get to the answer.

And now, let’s get straight to the point:

How Are Baby Goats Called?

Drum roll, please! Believe it or not, baby goats are called kids. Strange, right? Since people are used to various baby animals being referred to as cubs, they immediately assume that goat cubs are a thing as well. But just like little humans, they’re kids!


The Online Etymology Dictionary suggests that the use of the word ‘kid’ as an alternative to ‘baby goat’ started around 1200 A.D. And what seems so shocking is that the first instance of this word being used to refer to a child was recorded only in the 1590s. Baby goats were the first to get that name, not humans!

Although many believe this could be a misconception, the word ‘kid’ allegedly derives from the Old Norse kið, meaning ‘young goat’, or from the Proto-Germanic kidjom.

Why Are Children Called Kids?

We all know just how adorable and playful baby goats are. They spend their days hopping around and simply behaving the way all little beings do.

Although it isn’t factual, I believe it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that we call human children ‘kids’ because of the shared personality traits. Both baby goats and humans play around, act silly, and make lots of noise (which doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing!).

What Are Kids Called When They Grow Older?

The subtitle may confuse you. I know what you’re thinking — they’re just called goats when they grow up, what are you talking about?! But no, you’re wrong; they actually have a few more names.

To my surprise, a fully-grown female goat is called ‘nanny’ or ‘doe’, whereas an adult male goat is called ‘buck’ or more commonly ‘billy’. If a male goat gets castrated, then it’s called a ‘wether’. One too many different names for goats that the vast majority of people have no idea about!

The Lamb Misconception

I’ve come to realize that quite a few people think baby goats are actually called lambs. Don’t confuse goats with sheep! That’s right — a lamb is a baby sheep, not the other way around.

Although they look similar (if the kid is as white as the lamb), they are different animals and not to be confused. Take a close look at this video and spot the differences!

Looking at them from a distance, we don’t really notice any difference at all — except for one. Pay closer attention to their tails, and you will notice how lambs have long, thin ones, whereas kids have short, triangular ones.

To conclude, if you’ve ever wondered how baby goats are called, there’s the answer you’ll never forget — kids!

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