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Pros And Cons Of Different Bathtub Styles

For many people, having a bathtub is a luxury, not because of the price but the benefits it can give them. Learning their features, pros and cons can help you make the right choice. Of course, your budget and the size of your bathroom are factors to consider, as well.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Aesthetically, it is hard to resist the look of a freestanding bath. They look very chic and attract attention whether you have a vintage or modern design. They make a great design statement, and with their range of styles, shapes, and colours, it is easy to customize your bathroom.


• Style and look. A freestanding bath can fit any bathroom style. Since it does not have to fit the tiles or walls of the bathroom, the designer has more creative liberty to choose a shape. It makes a statement of luxury.

• Installation. The installation of a freestanding bath is easier compared to a built-in model. With only a plumber, you can supervise the installation of the tub, which reduces the cost of labour.

• Placement. Since the tub is a stand-alone model, it is easier to be creative in the use of space. Built-in baths require an enclosure and need to be installed next to a bathroom wall.


• Cost. A freestanding tub costs more. They are made from a variety of materials, the production process is more complex, and the design is more intricate, with the inclusion of various design flourishes. The installation cost is considerably higher.

• Size and weight. This type of tub is heavier and requires a reinforced bathroom floor. Likewise, freestanding baths are larger and require more water. It is deeper so it is difficult to use when giving young children a bath.

• No shower and storage. Installing a shower into a freestanding tub takes away its aesthetic appeal. It also requires new plumbing work. There is no space for your bath essentials.

Built-in Bathtubs

If you prefer the classic look, you can rely on a built-in bathtub. It is a sensible and practical choice for most people.


• Price. The built-in type is more affordable, although the surround you choose can affect the overall price.

• Space-saver. Since it is placed next to the wall, it leaves you with more space to move around the room. It is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

• Storage. You have more options for storage because it is mounted next to one or three walls of the bathroom. With a surround, you have several edges to store various bath essentials.

• Plumbing. The plumbing is easier to conceal compared to a freestanding tub. You can also combine it with a shower, which is more convenient.

• Easier to clean. Built-in bathtubs are smaller so cleaning is a breeze. You only need to clean the inside of the tub and the surround.


• Flexibility. You only have one choice when it comes to its placement.

• Installation. More work is needed to install a built-in tub, such as mounting, sealing, new plumbing, and building of a surround.

• Look. You do not have much of a choice because it is going to be enclosed by a surround.

In the end, your personal choice is what matters. If you have space and the budget, get a freestanding tub. If you are after practicality and intrinsic value, choose a built-in one.

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