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beach bag essentials for summer

Beach Bag Essentials You Need for Summer in 2021

by Gloria Louden

Do you miss going to the beach? We miss it too!

Well, guess what? With the pandemic easing, chances are, those merry trips to the beaches will be possible soon!

So, as the time to visit the beaches draws closer, it makes sense to start planning now. You can tend to forget important beach bag essentials owing to staying at home for long.

But worry not, we’ve got you covered! We have mentioned important beach bag essentials you must carry on your next trip.

Have a look.

Cool beach bag

You should buy a beach bag to help you carry all the beach essentials you need and give you a cool look. So, we’re talking about functionalities and aesthetics at the same time. You can be a leather lover or fabric bag enthusiast. Make sure you do not compromise in style and functionality with your beach bag!

Sunscreen Kit

Before you go to the beach, you should always apply sunscreen. It will protect you from sunburns and rashes.

When shopping, make sure that the sunscreen you buy has SPF 30 or higher. If you have skin issues or allergies, make sure you consult with your doctor while purchasing any skin cream.

A Fancy hat

You can consider taking a bucket hat with you when you go to the beach. It will give you extra protection from the heat and add a different fashion statement to your look.

Extra Crop Top

It is necessary to take an extra crop top with you to protect yourself from sunburn. Though the sunscreen will protect you from heat, a light extra fabric coverage is always better.

Wearable Beach Table

Imagine you’re chilling on the beach enjoying a cool drink, and someone around you kicks sand on your glass. Yes, that will ruin everything.

To prevent this from happening, you should take a portable beach table with you. These tables are easy to carry and stay put in the sand.

Comfortable Sandals

If you decide to go to the beach, don’t forget to buy a pair of outdoor-ready sandals. They have a rubber sole that is easy to wash and are made of a fabric that dries quickly. Adding to these plus points, they are also too cute for your pictures.

Portable Charger

The next time you go to the beach, you will surely take extra photos for Instagram. Make sure you carry an extra power bank with you, so you don’t have to stop clicking pictures.

Cool Sunglasses

If you visit the beach after a long time, you will surely take extra time settling in with those mesmerizing views and the feeling of sharpness in your eyes due to the sun’s rays. Make sure you take your sunglasses with you to curb this. They will further protect your eyes from the sun, and your pictures will look super cool too.

Portable speakers

Who doesn’t like to have a little extra fun at the beach? Next time you visit the beach, don’t forget to pack your speakers. Try to buy waterproof speakers; that way you can have extra fun at the beach.

Beach Umbrella

Using sunscreen does offer you protection from the sun. However, it is not always 100%.

We’d advise carrying a foldable beach umbrella with you. It will provide you with additional protection from the sun.

Water Bottles

It is always advisable to carry an extra water bottle when you go anywhere. You can’t drink water from any water source (unless you want diarrhea). Having your home’s purified water goes a long way in ensuring you stay fit during and after your trip.

Bonus Tip: Choose a Good Hotel

The place where you stay is also important in ensuring you don’t get infected with the Covid virus. Moreover, the hotel’s hygiene and air conditioning systems play a crucial role in ensuring your well-being.

If you’re visiting San Francisco or any other warm place, make sure you search for short term rental and select the hotels that are compliant with Covid protocols and suit your needs.

Final Word

If you will visit the beach soon, make sure you keep your safety ahead of the enjoyment. Extra vigilance is the key to ensuring you return safely to your home.

We hope that our tips help you allow you have a sunny, beachy trip!

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