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Becoming A Better Gamer: Tips That Work

If you’re a beginner gamer in India, your dream is to climb up the ladder as quickly as possible. After all, the major reason why you got interested in gaming is that you saw it can be fun and rewarding.

Thus, to enjoy the full benefits of gaming, you want to take your gaming capabilities up a notch. We’ve included some tips and hacks for becoming better at gaming in India; these tips are backed by science, so they’re proven.

Space Your Gaming Hours

We get that you want to play games for as many hours as possible because you enjoy it. However, you may want to avoid gaming for long hours at a stretch if you want your skills to improve.

While engaging in an all-day gaming session with your friends on Parimatch is great, it doesn’t help you maximize your potential. For example, if you want to game for eight hours a day, you’re better off spacing those hours out.

Gaming is cognitively exercising, and taking regular breaks from activities like this lets your brain unwind and recharge. However, if you play for long hours at a stretch, you risk getting mind fatigue, which negatively affects you in the long run. If your mind is exhausted, your gaming skill is weak; you’ll lose focus and confidence and begin to overthink things.

Teach Some Not As Good As You

You must have heard about how teaching your colleagues what you know helps you get better at and remember those things. It is the same thing in gaming – the “protégé effect,” where tutors become better at recalling information.

A good way to get better at gaming is to teach your peers – and it can be an eye-opener. The basics are easy to forget, even for professionals, and teaching newer players helps you start sharp.

Moreover, as you mentor others on the basic knowledge of the game, you may discover areas you’ve forgotten yourself. Also, it can open your eyes to different outcomes of certain tactics which you probably never thought of before.

Nature Helps, More Than You Know

It sounds unconventional and too simple, but attuning yourself to nature can positively influence your gaming abilities. Nature generally helps us restore our ability to pay attention to details – also known as our attentional abilities.

You don’t have to go outside or into a place filled with trees; you can open your window and let fresh air in. Keeping your room well ventilated and lit can boost your morale, not to mention the free vitamin D coming in.

Not getting enough vitamin D can affect sleep at night, and not sleeping well is a problem. In addition, it can affect your cognitive abilities, which affect your gaming abilities, and, essentially, your chances of getting better at gaming. So if you want to be consistently good at gaming, ensure you’re attuned to nature as much as possible.

Gaming Space Optimization

Optimizing your gaming space is another good way to improve your gaming skills indirectly. First, you need to learn the right posture for gaming; slouching doesn’t make you a very good gamer. Sitting upright when playing a game will help you focus on the game more than lying back leisurely. Your body posture can affect your confidence; a good body posture will give you more confidence in your thoughts.

Furthermore, cut out as much external noise as possible: the sound from the radio or Spotify disrupting your gaming station. Evidence shows that students who listen to music while studying get distracted, so they don’t concentrate and do well. You can get a decent set of ergonomic headphones to help the brain filter out what noise is important and what isn’t.

Play With Teams Or Players With Differing Abilities

According to experts, playing with a team of players with different abilities can challenge your gaming skills; it keeps you on your toes. Furthermore, playing with others improves your communication skills, especially because it modifies how you communicate.

Thus, if you want to get better at gaming, try playing with people with different abilities and personalities. If you’re a very private person, this can be your chance to explore life outside your comfort zone while improving your communication skills.

Another bonus benefit of playing with others is that you have a chance to glean from other people’s gameplay. You can learn from their approaches and experience, including copying their playing styles. Besides, considering how tactics are always evolving, it helps to see firsthand how others address the meta. Learning new approaches to the game is a good way to stay on top of your game and grow as a gamer.


As a final note, the most effective way to become a better gamer in India is by ensuring you stay healthy. For example, dehydration depresses cognitive performance, reduces concentration, and negatively affects motor skills, which are big issues for gamers generally. So, drink enough water to maintain your energy levels and give your brain to learn new ways of playing games.

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