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Best And Worst Games Of 2020: Insiders Informer

by Martha Simmonds

2020 was a year of contrasts and controversies. A lot of time indoors made people play more games and choose the most prominent of them as the best quality time. There were a lot of games that looked like polished blockbusters but were just shallow dummies. 2020 was the year of changing console generations and a decade of gaming.

In many ways, 2020 was the year of conclusions. And insider games were at the edge of these conclusions. From the impetuous flow of 2020 releases, gaming insider chose the best and the worst experience. Besides, the insider games website features a lot of useful information for gamers, from reviews to device consumer’s advice. Without further ado, the best and the worst games of 2020. 

Ghost of Tsushima (Best)

People waited for Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch for a long time. It was Sony’s dark horse. None knew what to expect from the game. The gameplay trailers did not make the situation clearer either. However, when the game was released in August, everything fell into place. Ghost of Tsushima tells the story of a samurai, Jin Sakai. He was one of the few who survived the Mongolian invasion on the Tsushima shores.

Now, Jin has to put aside the code of honor and become a vengeful ghost that strikes down the enemy for good. Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world action game. It has enemy’s outposts, a vast territory for exploration, and numerous side activities. The overall aesthetics and flawless execution of game mechanics made Ghost of Tsushima one of the best games of 2020. 

Deadly Premonition 2 (Worst)

Deadly Premonition was never a game that looked polished. The first chapter of the franchise was clunky, without decent looks and engaging gameplay. However, it had character, charisma, and the overall tone of a cheap B-movie which you want to watch till the end.

Unfortunately, the sequel lost all bits of charm that the game had. Deadly Premonition 2 is just a bad game. It lacks graphics and style, its gameplay is dull, and the story is boring. At the top of it, the game godlessly glitches and lags. There is no single reason for you to play this game. 

Hades (Best)

Supergiant Games tries to invent a new game formula with each of their releases. Hades was no exception. It is an astonishing-looking game about the prince of the underworld trying to escape the realm of his father. Zagreus has to apply all his will, cunning, and skills to do so. The prince has to overcome the following areas: 

  • Pits of Tartarus
  • Asphodel
  • Fields of Elysium
  • The Satyrs’ temple

Each of the locations is based on Greek mythology and shows a well-detailed image of the underworld. The game is rogue-like. You will have to start from square one if you die. However, each run will be a bit easier than the previous. The game features a wide arrangement of weapons, power-ups, and enemies to fight. In addition to the addicting gameplay, the game has a touching story, energizing soundtrack, and hours of pure pleasure. 

Marvel’s Avengers (Worst)

The superhero’s fever slowly decreases. With the end of Marvel’s Avengers, superheroes returned to their niche, instead of being an object of mass hysteria. Trying to grasp the fading glory, the video game adaptation was released. Marvel’s Avengers: The video game is just a plain product compared to both movies and other superhero games.

On the surface, everything looks decent. The game has a new, original story and a new character in it. The game had embedded online functions to prolong the game’s existence and a plot to follow. However, the realization of these elements leaves much to be desired. The combat is plain and boring; each of the avengers feels the same despite having various abilities. The story does not even approach the depth of drama of the original comics or movie adaptation.

Finally, the technical state of the game is a complete mess. Marvel’s Avengers does not have anything of interest besides the popular covering. Discovering some games of the old would be a better choice than playing Marvel’s Avengers. You may want to learn how to play battlefield 1 or check out better superhero games like Marvel’s Spider-man by Insomniac games. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake (Best)

Final Fantasy VII is one of the best games ever made.  The story of eco-terrorists fighting for the safety of their planet captured the minds of generations of gamers. The innovative storytelling, deep, tactical combat, and extraordinary setting made the game a hit. The remake of the 90s great hit brings to the table all these marvels and even more. FF VII Remake is a reimagining of the original story with new episodes, deeper character development, and new storylines to follow.

The combat became more fluid and action-like. The game meets modern quality standards, graphics, and technological execution. If you are an old-time fan of the game, the remake is a perfect opportunity to remember the good old game. If you are a novice – the remake is a perfect entry point for you. 

Last of Us 2 (Worst)

Last of Us 2 is a giant bucket of controversy. One cannot deny that the game has flawless technical execution. Its graphics, physics, animations – everything looks at the top-notch level. However, the cinematography-like experience that the game provides is full of inconsistency, untrue character writing, and poor storytelling. The game is simply boring.

Vague characters pursue vague motivations to tell a simple thought, “revenge is bad,” which is clear right from the start. Last of Us 2 is a technical achievement but one of the worst games of the year. 

Bottom Line

This list is purely subjective. It does not make an aim to make you love the best games and hate the worst. It shows the achievements and losses of the console’s generation and its possible vectors of development. Holding our breath, we turn to the next page of gaming history. 

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