best blogs on internet that support fitness

Best Blogs On Internet That Support Fitness

Internet is a wondrous place to be but it can be tricky at the same time. One finds it hard to utilize the internet properly if he or she feels sick. Especially in the times of the coronavirus when one thinks thrice before heading to the doctor, such websites and blogs with correct information, crafted by healthcare specialists come in handy.

Of course, the doctor can diagnose one best, and thanks to the internet, telemedicine has come into existence, and one can get treated from the comfort of their home.

However, sometimes the symptoms add up, and all you need is a little advice or a warning to head to the doctor if the symptoms are severe and all this is done through you browsing medical websites and blogs with authentic information.

We have compiled a list of the best medical tools available on the internet, which you should definitely follow even if you’re not looking for healthcare advice at this time as there is much more than the blogs offer: lifestyle changes, a road to wellness, and a healthier you.

Before we move forward, it is important to mention that to follow these platforms, you need a stable internet connection that allows you to read and gather relevant information.

So, if your current internet provider is troubling you, cancel your subscription and sign up for Spectrum Internet®, as it comes with incredible internet speeds and other extra benefits. With that said, let us discuss the best fitness and wellbeing blogs:

Well (Blog)

America’s most trusted New York Times has launched its health blog which talks about all things new in science, the newest health trends, and wellness first-hand experiences. Moreover, it has a column called ‘Ask Well’ where physicians answer questions.

WebMD (Website)

From home remedies for getting rid of the flu to what should a cancer patient expect during a chemotherapy session, WebMD is one of the most authentic medical sources on the internet and is quite popular worldwide.

WebMD Doctors (Blog)

WebMD’s brainchild, WebMD doctors is a platform where only the top specialists, be it dentists, optometrists, surgeons, oncologists, etc. share their views on everything health-related which means that the advice on the blog is expert advice.

National Institute of Health (Website)

Not only does this website contain articles on technology and science, as well as rare diseases, but it helps fund patients. It gathers a lot of unique visitors per month and that helps with the funding which by the way, all goes into the field of medicine. The website is updated quite often. (Website)

As the name suggests, this website has all information about drugs for patients. It also has a tool known as the pill identifier, which lets patients find legal pills based on their characteristics and appearance.

The website helps people learn about the medicine they are prescribed, its side effects, its dosage, etc. The data on the website is authoritative as it has Harvard publications from prestigious graduates and students.

Mayo Clinic (Website)

Perhaps the most popular and widely accessible website, Mayo Clinic offers in-depth knowledge on all diseases, treatments, and all-things-health. It is updated every few hours, the content is easy to comprehend by all, the website is user-friendly, and also contains visuals such as animations and videos where needed, for proper guidance.

Moreover, it has a symptom checker which allows you to find out what possibilities you might be suffering from.

Hakeem (Blog)

This blog is run by a leading Qatar and UAE-based doctor booking platform called Meddy. The blog features patient experiences, health quizzes, health updates, and general articles on wellness. For a beginner looking to change their lifestyle, the website is ideal.

Kids Health (Website)

This website as the name suggests is for children with issues raised by parents – be it upbringing, diseases, treatment, or first-time parenting experiences. It also allows children and teenagers to read about issues to be well aware of their health.

The website is also known to fight against childhood obesity and other nutrition-related diseases. The platform contains material in different languages so that the parents can better understand their native language.

Everyday Health (Blog)

This blog caters to basic, everyday health issues, which are relatable to more than 90 percent of people. It is known for addressing emotional issues and writing content on children and adult mental health alike.

The Medical Futurist (Blog)

If you are tech-savvy or just plain love reading about the technological advancements happening around us, then The Medical Futurist should be your go-to blog as it branches into different aspects whilst carrying medicine and tech side by side.

Even if you are a healthcare worker, this blog is very beneficial as it helps you navigate and learn about the tech used in the field of medicine. Talk about fun learning!

Health Affairs (Blog)

This blog talks about all health-related news and policies as pushed by the government in the US. It is recommended to be followed especially in these trying times where new updates and rules are being pushed out every other day. The blog also welcomes submissions from general users.

Medical Student (Blog)

This blog is for all students in the medical field or those thinking about going into it. It contains tips, tricks, facts, and hacks about surviving and living the best life in medical school.

Just make sure that you are connected to a stable internet service that enables you to follow the aforementioned platforms.

Wrapping Up

These days the importance of well-being and fitness has immensely increased because people have realized the importance of healthy life after the pandemic of COVID-19 hit. Now, anyone can simply follow fitness and well-being websites and read blogs, like the ones we have mentioned above, to stay fit without having the need to hit the gym.

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