best cheap ak 47 skins

The Best Cheap AK-47 Skins

Over the last years, CS:GO has introduced many improvements and novelties. New maps, trading opportunities, weapon mechanics, and other various upgrades. However, what players love most of all are skins.

The AK-47, also known as the Kalashnikov assault rifle, is an effective machine gun for CS:GO. It can be both used by Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, making it one of the most popular picks amongst players. However, the most important thing is that this weapon is a hallmark of CS:GO, so we suggest you take a look at the best and cheapest AK 47 skins selected below.

1) Neon Revolution

Sometimes even the chaotic design of an assault rifle with luminescent paint can be considered art. This skin clearly proved it, because its popularity is just crazy, bringing it full recognition regardless of the wear-out rate. If you closely look at the receiver and stock, you can even see a stylized skull outline, while its pink and green colors will definitely make you noticeable on the game field. If you still don’t have this skin in your collection, hurry up! The starting price for this skin is $37.

2) Empress

Inspired by the Empress tarot card, this skin features a starry night sky in the background, the golden colors of the sun in the foreground, and a dark red handle. Night blue is a rare contrast to blood reds, along with plaid patterns implemented here and there. Images of the crown, Roman numerals, and shields are also placed throughout the weapons.

In addition to images, the tarot card symbolizes creativity, development, and motherly love. On her face, you can even see the determination to protect at all costs. The starting price for the skin is $15.

3) Asiimov

Asiimov offers a futuristic design with bold black and orange colors, thick stripes, and geometric shapes. If you look closely, you can see the word “warning” and a picture of a crosshair. It is also likely that the name was inspired by sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov. Some gamers say the design symbolizes order, precision, and power that comes not only from people but also from artificial intelligence. The starting price is $15.

4) Redline

Unlike most skins, Redline includes carbon fiber material using the standard black and gray color combination. If you look closely, you will also see many diagonal lines on the body, which roughly resemble the pattern for such material. Red stripes are located throughout the whole body. What’s nice about this skin is that the carbon fiber design feels authentic. In turn, you can further appreciate the small stripes of red throughout the rifle. The skin price starts at $6.93.

5) Legion of Anubis

According to Egyptian mythology, Anubis was the god of the dead. He is depicted either as a jackal or as a man with a jackal’s head: you can see an image of his head just on the body. Anubis symbolized judgment and justice in the afterlife. Thus, the Legion of Anubis offers players not only a unique combination of colors but also a piece of history. The price starts at $7.

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