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Best Job Search Platforms to Find a Job in the US

Are you about to start the job search process? Whether you are a seasoned professional who is burned out or looking for a new challenge, or you are brand new to the world of work, job searching is never easy. Looking for a new job can often feel like a full-time job itself. However, thanks to a wide variety of online job search sites, large parts of the process have been streamlined. Today, online job sites are so popular that 45% of Americans use them when looking for a new job. 


Lensa offers the opportunity to create a detailed profile that outlines what professions you are interested in, your education level, previous work experience, as well as the salary range you are looking for. You can also filter through many different criteria, such as location, salary, full-time, part-time, and remote, to optimize your job search. Additionally, using the Community Pages feature, you have free access to a lot of very useful statistics on any company that you are interested in. 

There are statistics for employee data that include age, gender, diversity, years spent at the company. The efficiency of Lensa’s job search algorithm is immediately apparent because after you’ve uploaded your resume you’ll automatically see a few job openings advertised to you. Lensa has extensive data on thousands of companies, finding potential employment in a very wide range of industries.

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs has only been around since 2018, and it launched in the UK. Shortly after its launch, the site expanded to the US and around the world. Google uses their technology to help identify terms job seekers enter into job search inquiries across a variety of platforms. It collects the best results across a variety of job boards, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. 

On Google for Jobs, you are able to expand your search by applying filters. You can filter the job listings by title, location, posting date, and the employer or recruitment agency that listed the open position.

You can also filter the results by the type of industry and the type of job (full-time, part-time, contract work, remote work, etc.). Google for Jobs then filters out duplicate job postings to create a comprehensive list of all related jobs according to the search. This platform has the potential to bring a lot more visibility to job posts due to its multi-platform involvement.


Getwork is a job search engine that uploads available job openings directly from employer websites. Unlike other job posting sites, only current jobs placed by employers on their own company websites are on the site. This allows jobseekers to get the highest-quality, most accurate listings, eliminating duplicates and spam. When candidates find a job listing that catches their eye, they can apply directly on company websites by following the single-click link. 

Getwork monitors thousands of career sites every single day to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date search results. While this site is not the largest one out there, it comes with a few perks. For example, The United States accounts for more than 70% of site traffic. This means that this platform is catered to an American audience, hiring from all around the country.

Online job searches are quicker and easier and don’t involve hours spent on filling out physical forms or going door to door. One of the best parts of using online portals for job searches is that they are very user-friendly, so anyone can do it. Job search sites offer so many opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to access. By using these sites, you can not only look for jobs in any city around the world.

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