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How to Bet Online While Traveling

by Martha Simmonds

Remote gambling is a hard-to-quit hobby once one gets into it, as it delivers thrills few activities can match, in addition to money prizes. That said, only a select number of people develop a compulsion toward it. The reality is most people choose to gamble responsibly, only wagering what they can afford to lose. And thanks to the magic of the internet, many like to do so, even when traveling. However, that can present problems on multiple fronts.

Not all regions on Earth regulate this entertainment form in all its iterations. And when an operator records user access from a myriad of locations in short periods, that draws suspicions about account tempering, which can lead to a temporary suspension.

Things can get particularly complex for US gamblers on account of only six US states legalizing online casino gaming and more than twenty allowing internet sports wagering.

Moreover, for years, millions of Americans have opted to use offshore sites, further muddying the digital gambling waters. To clear up misconceptions about betting when on the road, so to speak, here are eight elements everyone not willing to give up this amusement activity should keep in mind when seeking to enjoy it out of their place of residence.

1. Know the Legal Betting Age in Your Territory

Here is something that a majority of online gamblers don’t know. Residency in a state/country is not a requirement to use gaming/betting websites operating from that territory. That means that tourists from, let us say, Utah, where all gambling is illegal, can travel to New Jersey and legally play online casino games for real money. Though, they can only do so if they are above the legal gambling age in the territory allowing this pastime. In some, this limit is eighteen. In others, it is twenty-one.

2. Use Sites That Accept Gamblers From Many Regions

It is best to join gambling apps with authority to operate in multiple jurisdictions to avoid unnecessary legal hassles. Ones headquartered in nations like Panama and Curacao are active in most of the North American market, and they have a list of allowed countries that spans more than one hundred. They are the ideal choices for those that wish to test their luck while moving around the globe.

3. Register with No-SSN Platforms

In keeping with the point above, it is wise to bet online without your SSN, chiefly for security reasons. That is possible at legit offshore platforms licensed and regulated by foreign government-created monitoring bodies, like eGaming Curacao, Antillephone, or Panama’s Gaming Control Board. New rules in multiple US states now mandate that US-based operators ask for at least four digits of every user’s Social Security Number.

4. Understand the General T&C in Detail

The general terms and condition page of online casinos and sportsbooks acts as a rulebook of a given site. It outlines all the dos and don’ts of a specific hub. That is why it is paramount for gamblers to study it in-depth if they are planning on going aboard while continuing to use their favorite gambling site. It should house a list of restricted countries. From these, access will not get allowed even for existing users.

5. Consider Using VPN

Virtual private networks, VPN for short, is one way to bypass geo-restrictions, but users have to remember to keep logging in on their chosen website with the same spoofed IP address. Accessing an account from one continent one day and the next from another is a red flag that can lead to a lockdown period or account closure.

6. Pay Attention to Your Selected Currency

Those players/bettors that select to utilize VPN when traveling should always remember to use a currency corresponding to their proxy server’s location. The illusion is more authentic that way. Although, a discovery of VPN use can lead to confiscating of deposited funds. So, it is best to avoid this practice.

7. Use a Popular E-Wallet for Money Transfers

E-wallets have wide acceptance in the interactive gaming sphere, similar to credit/debit cards. Yet, unlike the latter payment option, they supply gambling operators with less personal information. It is just necessary for casino/sportsbook users to forego using Skrill or Neteller, two popular options that often limit bonus eligibility.

8. Look into Crypto

Game of chance enthusiasts that do not want to worry about rules and regulations should consider joining a provably fair gaming site that functions on a good faith basis with its clientele. Such platforms permit anonymous gambling to all from anywhere at any time.

To Wrap Up

Online gambling at fiat casinos/sportsbooks while traveling is an option if gamblers follow the guidelines laid out above. If they are fans of cryptos, they can rest easy knowing that various gaming apps make no bones about frequent player/bettor location changes.

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