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Are Biased Roulette Wheels a Realistic Winning Opportunity?

The online casino market continues to grow and expand the new casino sites that emerge left and right, offering various casino games, including online roulette, in many variations. Due to the reliability of casino sites on Android and Apple mobile devices, it is far easier for anyone to start playing casino games on online casinos.

You just need to pull out your smartphone’s browser and register on a casino site, and you can play any game of your choice right away. Roulette games are among the favorites because casino games are based on different versions, including American, European, and French roulette. Furthermore, you can choose from live dealer roulette games and RNG-based roulette games.

In both cases, knowing the rules and having your own strategy is advisable. This article will look at the advantages of having your own strategy before playing roulette online.

Roulette Games

There are two types of online roulette games – RNG-based roulette games and live dealer roulette. Considering that you already know roulette and its rules, you should always check out any innovative features, side bets, or other important information.

Before playing the game online, it’s best to take the time and read about the game on the provider’s official site. Some differences between the roulette games are important in building your strategy.

Suppose you want to play, for example, RNG-based roulette games. In that case, you need to know that online roulette games incorporate RNG technology. The game is designed to resemble a video game where you are wagering your money rather than an authentic roulette game.

The rules remain the same whether you’re playing American European or French roulette you still need to be aware of the gameplay. Moreover, you should also note that there are some features that could boost the gaming speed such as automated mode or turbo mode and after you’ve picked the size of your bet you can start playing by pressing the button on roulette.

That being said, you should also remember that some innovative versions are only available online. For example, Double Ball roulette games involve two balls which potentially can enhance your winnings.

But, it also has slightly different sets of rules; otherwise, there are Auto Roulette games, Classic roulette, and other versions on a casino site. With RNG-based roulette you have an opportunity to play the game in demo mode and test out different strategies, without wagering your own funds.

Now, we have to look at live dealer roulette games where you need your own strategy because live dealer roulette games are based on authentic roulette and filmed in a real setting; for example, in a land-based casino, the game takes place in real-time with a human dealer.

The dealer is knowledgeable about the game, and you can ask them questions, but otherwise, you should be aware that live-dealer games have different features and side bets. You cannot spend all of your time asking questions that would be just inconsiderate to the other players on the table, but also, you have to come prepared if you want the best chance of winning at roulette.

So, in this case, it’s really important to have a good strategy and to be knowledgeable about the specific¬† roulette version you’re about to play live. Moreover, you have to have a stable Internet connection; otherwise, you could lose your spot on the table.

Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a game of chance, and there is still a level of luck involved. You can maximize your chances and potentially win better prizes with the right strategy. But, if you know how to play the game and are familiar with the rules and differences between American, French, and European roulette, then the next step is developing your own strategy.

Pivot System

The pivot system is widely used, and the best part is that it doesn’t differentiate between a single zero or the double zero wheel. The players should see through 35 spins on the wheel. To do that, you write them down, which is easier when playing online, or save them in a notepad.

This system is based on the assumption that certain numbers will repeat again and again. Based on the law of large numbers, about two-thirds will be repeated, while approximately one-third will not. Also, it is predicted that as the number of spins increases, the outcome could fall on the expected results.

So, according to this system, you have to wait for the player for the next wager before the same number repeats approximately on the next 35 spins.

Biased Wheel Strategy

Biased roulette identifies the wheel that will produce results that are not randomly produced. This is highly unlikely to happen in online casino games since RNG technology is designed to generate random results. Also, reputable casinos have to have an RNG certificate.

But, if you are playing live, you must track at least 500 spins to find any biased pockets. It is more probable to gain better insights if you track between 4,000 and 5,000 spins which could easily take hours. According to this theory, you can earn higher profits through biased pockets, as you would capitalize on single-number bets.


In conclusion, when playing any games of chance online on your gaming computer or mobile device, it’s always in your favor if you have extensive knowledge of the rules and develop a good strategy beforehand.

The strategy won’t solve all of your problems or guarantee your success, but it will potentially help you to grab the main prize. In short, it is better to play with one than to start playing without proper preparations.

That being said, always keep in mind that roulette and other casino games are impacted by luck. No matter how much you have invested in a good gaming strategy or how much knowledge you have about specific online roulette games, you can never completely predict what will happen. So, focus on your financial budget and never bet outside your financial goals.

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