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Why A Bike Might Be The Best Fitness Tool You Have

There is a vast array of fitness tools currently on the market. Whether it is a gym machine or standalone frame like a bench press or squat rack, a smartwatch or a Batak machine, there are countless different options you can choose from. However, one of the best is undoubtedly the humble bicycle.

There are a few interesting reasons for this, but it is worth starting off by pointing out that the most effective fitness tools also happen to be the simplest. While it may be worth investing in a complicated and expensive gym machine or a fancy smartwatch to record your steps, you need a tool which can be used every day and has a wide variety of uses.

This is where many fitness tools are flawed. They serve exercise or body goals extremely well but are nigh on useless for everything else. Instead, a bike can be used for leisure pursuits, a serious training regime, a way of getting additional exercise in on the way to work or a tool for losing weight. Here are several reasons why a bike may be the best fitness tool you have.

It is fantastic for improving your cardiovascular health

Arguably the best reason why a bicycle is a fantastic tool for improving your fitness is that it can boost your heart health considerably. Although weightlifting is popular and does improve heart health, it rarely spikes your heart rate or gets blood pumping around your body quickly. This is why cycling is such a good complement to other forms of exercise – such as a gym routine.

Cycling is a proven method for boosting your cardiovascular health, which makes your heart stronger and your blood vessels more effective. This is crucial for improving your bodily health and makes you more powerful when you perform other forms of exercise.

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It is easier to stay dedicated than other outlets

Another reason why cycling is such a helpful fitness tool is that it is easier to stay dedicated to for long periods of time than other outlets.

Sticking to a gym regime, for instance, is difficult because it is inherently boring. You are surrounded by the same people in the same place for months on end, doing the same exercises. The same is true for many sports.

However, with cycling you can travel wherever you like, which allows you to distract yourself with your surroundings.

You can also gain a greater satisfaction when you cycle to the top of a steep hill or discover a stunning vista because it is a real-world achievement. When you are stuck in a gym, you are essentially pretending to perform a real-world task repeatedly – like lifting a heavy object. This doesn’t give you the same level of psychological satisfaction.

It helps you lose weight

Finally, cycling is a brilliantly efficient way of losing weight. It combines the best of cardio and weightlifting with a side helping of endurance to top it off.

When you ride a bike for extended periods of time, you will find it easier to lower the amount of fat you are carrying and stick to a consistent routine – which is ultimately how you lose weight rather than with bursts of exercise randomly.

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