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Blue Lizard Sunscreen: Should You Wear It Indoors?

The wisdom of wearing mineral sunscreen from brands like Blue Lizard is beyond doubt when going out into direct sunlight, as its zinc oxide is able to deflect away rays that would otherwise age and damage the skin. However, did you know that some people wear it inside too?

You might think doing so is a little unnecessary, although, as we’ll find out in this blog, there is a lot of sense to doing so. But why?

Working Near Windows

Unless you work in an underground bunker or another windowless building, the sun, with all of its UVA, UVB and UVC rays are going to reach you. That means your skin can be damaged in the same way as if you were outside – so protection is still needed.

Light From Technology

Another reason why Blue Lizard sunscreen is a good idea while inside is the blue light comes from technology. Whether talking about a TV, laptop, or even a smartphone, the blue light you expose yourself to can damage your skin, whether indoors or out.

UV Rays Don’t Simply Avoid Coming Indoors

The truth is that UV rays can cause your skin to lose its elasticity and it simply won’t avoid coming into your home or office. Able to penetrate through not just windows, but also cloud cover as well, it necessitates the wearing of SPF sunscreen throughout the day.

What you shouldn’t do is take it for granted that you don’t need Blue Lizard sunscreen because it’s a gloomy and overcast Winter’s day. Take it from the experts who say that you’re at risk of developing skin cancer because of UVA rays – no matter where you might be.

The problem with UV light hitting the skin directly is the fact that it leads to premature aging of the skin, due to elastin and collagen being broken down. This kind of exposure doesn’t cause the skin to tan, so it’s not something that most people are even aware is happening.

Are the Reapplication Rules the Same Indoors?

Actually, yes, but not to the same degree. Sure, if you’re in direct sunlight all day, then reapplication every 3-4 hours might be a good idea, but if you’re sitting at your desk, you’re not that likely to be overly sweating or coming into contact with water, so you should play it by ear.

Protect Your Skin & It Will Protect You Back

So, if there was any ambiguity before you started reading this blog about why it’s wise to use Blue Lizard sunscreen every day, whether you’re inside working or outside at the beach, then we hope that we’ve cleared a few things up.

If you think about it, truck drivers get one tanned arm when they’re driving, whether they have the window open or not, so it stands to reason that the same rules would apply inside a building. Just because some people might find it a bit weird that you keep applying sunscreen indoors, that shouldn’t stop you from taking this very necessary step.

Maybe next time someone asks you why you’re applying it indoors, you can spread some knowledge and perhaps get them to reconsider the fact that they don’t use it themselves.

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