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Boat Rental USA: Why Sailing Is The New American Holiday Trend

Sailing is becoming one of the most popular pastimes across Europe and there are simply so many destinations to peruse that holidaymakers really do have the opportunity to pick a sun-soaked, culture-rich location and have the experience of a lifetime. As there’s so much potential, sailing has been evolving in recent years – and now the avid sailor is beginning to look for more. The great news is that boating getaways can be completely unique when you opt to sail in America and boat rental has never been simpler.

Why Sailing In America So Popular

When you consider the fact that Spain is one of the sunniest destinations in the world, that France has amazing vineyards and a very unique ambience and Italy is the most picturesque and romantic holiday spot there is, you may be wondering why America is starting to trend in the boating community. The answer is that the US is simply so diverse, so you can tailor your trip to your needs with little fuss.

The sailing seasons are more varied and there simply won’t be as many tourists as there are in Europe in the summer months, and attractions can often be enjoyed year-round (many typical boating hotspots elsewhere in the world close during off-season). Unveil the reasons behind sailing’s rise as the new American holiday trend by visiting the website, where an extensive collection of sailing resources awaits, offering everything necessary for an unforgettable nautical getaway.

Where To Rent A Boat In America

There are a whole host of different terrains, climates and even bodies of water to be sailed in the US that no two States are going to offer the same experiences.

With a reputable rental company like SamBoat, you can choose the type of vessel you’d like to travel with (sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and much more), opt for a skipper or unmanned boat, and take to the waves in no time at all (and without breaking your budget). With charters and day-boat rentals, you can rent via our extensive online platform in just a few clicks or on the same day from one of the many ports, marinas and harbours that we service.

Top US Sailing Experiences With A Twist

There are hundreds of fantastic boating hotspots around America, so it’s not an easy task to choose just one, especially when you consider the fact that you’re not limited to the sea. Let’s take a look at some of the different locations and experiences on offer:

Make The Most Of The Outstanding Bays

A sailing holiday just wouldn’t be the same without visiting a few bays – and America is no different. San Francisco Bay, California, for example has one of the most extensive ranges of attractions for sailing enthusiasts. You can visit notable landmarks like Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island, go dolphin-watching and spot a host of amazing wildlife and sealife, eat at amazing restaurants, or simply enjoy the stunning skyline at night from the sea.

Have One-Of-A-Kind Nature-Filled Fun

America is home to several National Parks and so many of them have something special to offer those renting boats. For example, Mt. Desert Island, Maine, is where you’ll find Arcadia National Park. Once you have taken in all the amazing natural vistas by boat (there are an astounding 26 mountain summits!), there are plenty of harbours where you can drop anchor. You may want to take a look at the main ones in the Southwest and Northeast for access to amenities and land-travel networks.

Explore The Fantastic Lakes All Across America

One thing that Europe doesn’t have is an array of huge, outstanding lakes that offer just as much to those sailing as the seas do. In fact, in Grand Haven, Michigan, you can sail so far out that you’ll feel like you’re in open waters. It has unrivalled clear freshwater that’s begging to be traversed by boat, no matter the experience or skill level of the sailor.

You can stop by the lighthouse and pier, visit the state park and Rosy Mound natural area, and there are museums, parks, galleries and so much more to see while on land, too.

Don’t Pass Up On The Capes

Capes are defined by their unique coastal landforms and as many of these are denoted by the fact that they extend into the sea, it’s no secret that they can be a great choice for sailing holidays. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is one of the most popular destinations in America, and with so many recreational spots for sea adventures (think water sports, whale-watching and more), it’s definitely one for the boating bucket list.

Hiring A Boat In The US

Due to the growing popularity of sailing worldwide, European-founded SamBoat couldn’t pass up the opportunity to set up in America and offer their world-class services in more diverse climes. With a fleet of over 45,000 boats in 76 countries (take a look at our Sailboat rental, for example), you know you’ll be getting top-tier treatment when renting the best boat for your needs.

There are over 90,000 authentic reviews to further assure you that you’ll be able to get fully licensed, high-quality vessels every time you hire. There will be considerations for those who are hoping to rent a boat and sail without a skipper and crew, so be sure to do your research on licensing requirements before you make any plans (we can help advise you if you need any additional information). After all, why rent the rest when you can sail with the best?

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