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5 Tips To Help You Book The Cheapest Flights

by Martha Simmonds

As anyone who’s tried to book flights now that travel is back on the agenda again knows, flight prices can vary massively, seemingly for no good reason, changing from day to day. Luckily, there are some ways to ensure that you always get the best deal when booking a trip into the clouds above. Keep reading for more information!

Check For The Least Popular Times To Fly

Flight times vary wildly in price depending on the time of year, time of week and time of day they are booked for. Booking flights during school holidays or religious festivals when people regularly travel is a big no. Try not to fly into Saudi Arabia, for instance, during Hajj.

The weekend is typically more expensive to fly on than weekdays. Always try and book tickets for flights that depart during the working week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are known to be especially cheap. Overnight and early morning flights are also cheaper than flights at more social hours of the day.

Go Incognito

Flight comparison sites use your browsing history data – in the form of cookies – to generate prices. This means that you will suffer from higher costs if the algorithm in charge of determining prices decides, upon looking at your data, that you are more desperate to book a flight or more willing to pay large sums of money.

Flight prices typically rise if your history reveals that you have been making lots of searches on flight price comparison websites: the more you look for a flight, the harder it gets to find an affordable one! If you use Google Chrome, always search for flights in incognito mode. This mode prevents the collection of cookies and search history, making it harder for sites to offer high prices justifiably.


It might be worth using a VPN cheaper flights that can be sought if a website has no way of collecting any data at all about the person that is shopping. Virtual Private Networks obscure your IP address and hide your browsing history – making it much harder for companies to collect information that they could use to hike up prices.

Book Early

While last-minute deals can be cheap, they are not great value as a rule. It is always best to book early rather than late. Airlines really want to fill their flights as soon as possible and incentivize early booking by grading prices as it gets nearer to the flight time.

Beware Of Extra Costs

Some deals are just too good to be true. Budget airlines are notorious for charging additional fees for services usually received gratis on more traditional flights, such as in-flight food, entertainment, baggage, and just about every other amenity, which are charged for on some budget airlines. During the mid-2000s, several budget airlines proposed extra charges just for sitting down! Ryanair unveiled a ‘standing room only’ concept in 2010 that would see economy-class travelers strapped into bizarre semi-upright harnesses during their trip.

Always weigh up the additional costs that you will have to pay when traveling with a budget airline. You might find that they are not quite as cheap as they may first have appeared.

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