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What You Can Expect With Breast Implant Revision Surgery

There are a number of reasons why breast implant revision may be necessary, including just the routine maintenance of breast augmentation. It is important to understand what you can expect from breast revision.

First, you should know that breast implants are not intended to last forever. As part of the normal upkeep that patients should expect, breast revision surgery may be needed at least 10 years after the initial augmentation. But it is also true that breast revision is sometimes needed to address issues that may occur after the implants are placed inside. These can be cosmetic problems or issues that can lead to physical complications that occur as a result of problems with the original augmentation.

For example, the natural course of a breast implant may result in sagging or visible ripples and ridges in the implants after 20 years that a patient wants to have addressed. But other issues may occur sooner, such as an excessive amount of scarring in the breasts or odd changes in the breast’s shape, even a deflation of the implant. Improper placement of an implant and poor implant sizing that results in overly large breasts are just some of the reasons why these conditions can affect augmentation success.

It is important to trust your augmentation surgeon and to ensure that they have the proper training and experience to produce the best results with your surgery. Discount surgeries, including those performed overseas by doctors who offer reduced prices without adequate experience in the procedure, often result in these conditions that require corrective surgery through breast revision.

Regardless of the reason for breast revision surgery, you should understand what you can expect from the procedure.

Breast revision requires a surgeon who specializes in the procedure

There are many surgeons who offer breast augmentation services, but not all of them are experienced in handling breast revisions. The revision procedure requires a surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery and who has experience in revisions.

The breast revision procedure is complex, requiring the surgeon to work on a previous augmentation that may require corrective measures. As noted earlier, some augmentation surgeons offer discounts on their procedures, and are typically surgeons with limited experience who may not be board certified in plastic surgery. Because revisions are more involved, it is critical to identify a properly trained and certified surgeon who can address whatever issues you may be experiencing with your implants.

In these highly customized procedures that usually focus on specific conditions, the surgeon must be able to perform the corrective actions needed. Whether the condition caused aesthetic problems like misshaped breasts or physical issues like pain from the implants, a properly certified and experienced surgeon can safely and effectively remedy the problem without causing further complications.

Take an active role in identifying and remedying the implant problem

The fact that you are seeking breast revision because of a concern about a prior augmentation procedure should be proof enough that you need to play an active role in this new procedure. You should be clear and honest with your surgeon about the conditions you are experiencing and the solution you are seeking. Make sure your breast revision surgeon understands what you expect and offers a solution that satisfies you. Do not be afraid to seek multiple opinions about this procedure.

You should be wary of any doctor who does not offer insights into the limitations of breast revision procedures. Not every problem can be resolved, and not every problem you see may not require revision. This is a complicated procedure that requires surgery, so you want to ensure that your surgeon outlines all of the possible risks and complications.

Provide information about your previous augmentation

You will need to inform your breast revision surgeon about your previous augmentation. The information they will need includes the date of the procedure, the type of implants used in the augmentation, the issues that you experienced after the procedure, and any prior attempts to resolve problems that may not have been successful.

This is a good time to discuss the surgeon’s expectations for your breast revision, steps you can take to make the procedure successful, and possible complications you should expect after the procedure. It is also a good time to discuss with your surgeon adjustments to your implants, including size, position, type of implant, and other factors.

Not all revision recoveries are the same

Breast revision procedures can vary greatly because of the extent of surgery required, so it is natural that the recovery from these procedures will vary greatly. For example, a simple revision procedure to remove implants will likely require only a short recovery time, perhaps as little as a week of recovery. But more complex procedures addressing more complicated conditions could require more recovery time. For example, removing excessive scar tissue caused by a prior augmentation could require weeks of recovery because it is a more intensive procedure.

Before your breast revision procedure, make sure you understand the complexity of the surgery, the conditions it will resolve, possible complications you will experience and the amount of time you will need for recovery.

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