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5 Problems and Solutions to Guide Businesses Using Instagram

In today’s business landscape, it’s essential to have a solid social media strategy for your business. Not only does it help you reach audiences at a global scale and increase sales and revenue opportunities, but it also works towards supporting other business goals. Depending on your business’s industry, there are plenty of social media platforms to engage in, one of which is Instagram. With over 1 billion active users, Instagram can be a powerful tool for you and your business. 

If used correctly, your brand can amass a loyal following of people. But suppose you’re in a situation where you ask yourself, why can’t I post on Instagram, it may result in your followers not getting new posts from your brand and unfollowing or potentially forgetting your business. In this post, let’s discuss the problems you or your business may encounter using Instagram and the solutions. 

What are Some Instagram Problems and Solutions? 

When it comes to using Instagram for marketing purposes, it helps to have a strategy in place. Making sure to use the right hashtags, not leaving your brand’s bio empty, and using poor-quality images are just some things a business or brand needs to be aware of. And listed below are the other problems. 

1. Problems with logging in

Are you having trouble logging in to your business account? Well, if you are, it’s a significant problem that needs to be resolved immediately. Unable to sign in or stay logged in could result in your brand not having post updates at optimal times. It’s a problem that’s quick to fix, though, because you only need to make sure to retype the correct username and password and try logging in. 

If this doesn’t work, then it’s good to try logging in on your computer too. You can opt to reset your password for the said social media platform, but ensure that you enter the correct email address to receive the password reset email. If by any chance, you chose to connect your Instagram to Facebook before, you can easily reset the password through your Facebook account. 

2. Unable to post successfully

Aside from login problems, it’s possible to encounter posting problems on Instagram too. It usually happens when you’ve been uploading images, liking photos, and commenting on others’ posts non-stop. It may trigger Instagram’s anti-spam limit created to protect the online community and may cause your brand’s account to be banned, blocked, or worse, disabled by the social media behemoth. 

If you’ve not been involved in such acts, then these are some solutions you can try. You can try restarting your phone or checking the Internet connection by using Google and other apps on your phone or computer. If the signal is slow, then try reconnecting to Wi-Fi. Another fix is signing on to Instagram using a browser (instead of the app) and then changing your account to see if it’ll allow you to start posting again. You can also try it by contacting the Instagram team for help. 

3. Instagram DMs are disappearing

You may not have experienced it yet, but others noticed that some of their direct messages have disappeared. Instagram allows users to send a direct message to people or brands they’re not following. It appears as a message request, and recipients can choose to accept for the conversation to start or not to avoid spamming. 

The disappearing messages may be caused by a bug or as a result of the recipient declining the message request. It’s also possible that it’s been sitting in your inbox and removed by the sender. You can try restarting the phone or clearing the Instagram cache. Also, a quick fix is responding to direct messages you want to. 

4. The app isn’t working properly

If you’ve had app issues lately and cannot use it properly, then it needs to be fixed immediately, or you risk not posting on the social media platform on schedule. If there isn’t any reported server issue, check your app store to see if Instagram needs to be updated, as the outdated version could be causing the app not to work correctly. 

You can also try checking your signal if it’s strong or weak. If you can use applications other than Instagram, you can try clearing the storage cache or check the app’s permissions on the phone’s settings. If all else fails and you’ve tried signing in to Instagram on another phone or computer, it could be time to reach out to the Instagram team. 

5. Experienced commenting problems

Have problems tagging users or leaving comments on some Instagram accounts? You can try deleting some of the username mentions or hashtags you’ve used. Remember to leave comments successfully. You’re only allowed to include not more than 30 hashtags and only up to five mentions per comment. 

Though your brand can create and send hundreds of comments daily, Instagram can classify your account as spam, especially when you’ve repeatedly posted the same comment. Solve this by only following the limits set by Instagram, getting creative with comments and responses left for followers, and knowing what words and phrases are banned by Instagram. 

Key Takeaways

For a business to thrive well on Instagram, it helps to know what problems they can encounter from using the social media platform and fixes to these. It ensures they can consistently post and engage with their audience at optimal times. And with a great marketing strategy, they can use Instagram to their advantage.

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