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What To Look For When Buying A Portable Hot Tub

by Martha Simmonds

Are you in the market for a hot tub? If so, there are some things you’ll need to consider before making your purchase.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the key factors you’ll need to keep in mind when shopping for a portable hot tub.

1. What’s your budget?

You’ll need to consider what works for your budget. Before shopping around, determine the maximum amount you are willing to spend on a hot tub.

Don’t forget to include any installation costs. Hot tubs can cost anywhere from £900 to £15,000. As you shop for a portable hot tub, think about the features that will be most important to you and price accordingly.

You may be surprised by what’s available within your budget range.

2. How big does it need to be?

Good question! If you are planning on having more than two people use the spa at once, then size may be important to you.

Smaller spas are good for about four people sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in comfort, while larger spas can fit six to eight adults at a time.

A bigger hot tub is nice when you have a bigger family, but they are harder to move.

Portable hot tubs range from about (454 Litres) in the smallest models to more than (1893 Litres) for larger units.

Keeping all of this in mind, be sure you have room for your new spa. If you’ve got the space, go big!

3. What kinds of features are you looking for?

Features like cup holders, lighting effects can make your spa experience more enjoyable.

Be sure to check what kinds of features come with the model you’re interested in, as well as others that may be available to purchase separately.

Not all spas have some of these extras, so be sure to ask about what’s included before you settle on a model.

These are advanced features that you probably won’t find on the most basic models.

Once you’ve decided, for example, that lighting effects will be a must-have for your spa experience, then it’s time to check out which spas have this feature.

4. What type of filtration do you need?

The filtration system determines how often you’ll need to clean out debris, chemicals, oils, dead skin cells from your spa.

Hot tubs are made up of many different components that require different types of cleaning.

For example, some hot tubs have chlorine dispensers that do not require any chemicals to be added at all, while other models may use salt water, so they don’t need any chemicals, but there are problems associated with saltwater spas as well.

Some other models have a cartridge system, which requires a filter to be cleaned at least once a week!

The quality of a hot tub’s filtration will affect the water temperature, chemical balance and how often you’ll need to clean it.

When you’re testing out different spas, be sure to ask about the maintenance requirements for each model.

5. How much power will it consume?

Most models use between 6 and 12 kilowatts per hour, depending on the size. It’s important that your new hot tub has good insulation in order to heat efficiently.

Look for products with foam-padded interiors, which can reduce energy expenses by as much as 30 per cent over models with only vinyl walls.

Most Jacuzzis use between 6 and 12 kilowatts per hour, depending on the size.

Be sure to find out how much energy the model you’re considering will use so that you can factor in an electrician’s costs if necessary.

6. What kind of warranty is available?

It’s always good to know what kind of warranty is available so that you can rest assured you’ll be covered if something goes wrong!

When buying your new hot tub, ask about any manufacturer’s warranties and how long they last.

Also, don’t forget to ask what parts are included with the warranty. These factors can help prevent major expenses down the road.

7. How long will it take to heat up?

Spas are generally ready to go after about 24 hours of heating, but some models take up to 48 hours.

Some models may need to heat longer than others depending on the insulation used within the walls of the portable spa.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the more people who will be using the spa at once, or if you want to use it when outside temperatures are cold, then you’ll want a unit that has a rapid heating system.


In this article, we looked closely at the factors to consider when purchasing a hot tub. Be sure to ask lots of questions when you’re shopping for your new hot tub.

It’s important to find out how often you’ll need to clean it, what kind of warranty is available and how much electricity it will use before making a purchase.

If you are still struggling in making the right decision, then you can always hire an inflatable hot tub before making your final purchase.

Remembering everything discussed here will help guide you towards the best possible choice.

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