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What You Need to Know About Buying Cannabis in Calgary

Legally purchasing cannabis has never been easier. With multiple US states beginning to decriminalize recreational use. In Canada, it has been fully legal throughout the country since 2018, and as such, you can buy weed in any province and territory with ease. Calgary in Alberta is no different in this regard. In this post, you will discover some of the main things you should be aware of when buying cannabis in Calgary, and to a greater extent, Canada.

Understand The Law

Although recreational use of cannabis became legal on 17 October 2018 throughout Canada, it remains in a similar class to alcohol and tobacco. In other words, there are age limits, and every province gets to interpret the law to match their particular circumstances. While you won’t have any issues with weed delivery in Calgary, Alberta, you should understand the rules surrounding it.

For example, you must be 18 years old and over to carry and use it. There is also the matter of how much you are allowed to carry at one time. In Calgary, this is limited to 30 grams (which is a very generous amount, so you should have nothing to worry about). Additionally, just like alcohol, it is deemed illegal to drive and consume weed simultaneously, or even for it to be within reach of someone in control of a motor vehicle.

Find A Reputable Dispensary

You have two options here:

  1. Buy in person
  2. Buy online

Buy In Person

Buying in person has some unique advantages over online, such as speaking directly with the vendor. You can inquire about the various strains and paraphernalia available for use. However, the primary downside buying person has, is that it is inconvenient for most people and is subject to opening hours. For example, Calgary is a vast city, and many people reside in the suburbs. This means that most people will have to travel into the city proper to get face-to-face with a physical distributor, which is an impractical option for many.

Buy Online

This is arguably the most convenient choice for many looking to purchase cannabis to enjoy in their homes. Fortunately, there are now many online dispensaries available to choose from. Nonetheless, there are some precautions that you should take when shopping online.

How To Buy Weed Safely Online

Calgary is no different from other provinces and territories when buying weed online, so it is essential to know some of the best practices when purchasing weed online. The following tips are also suitable when purchasing anything online.

Examine The Website

Before you jump straight into getting your card out, you should take some time to perform a cursory glance over the site. You can take a brief glance to check the quality, and you will quickly be able to discover if it is a professional option or not.

Check Their Contact Details

Most reputable sites will have a range of methods to contact them, including:

  • Instant chat: Most sites should have chat boxes that are AI-powered during closing hours. While this is sufficient in most cases, they should also be manned by real people when their shop is open. This can be useful when you need some quick information to make a decision.
  • Email: The slowest method of contact, but still required. You can use email if you have questions that need more detailed answers or you need to return something.
  • Phone: Although most people won’t use this option, it indicates that you are dealing with a real business.

Delivery Options

If you are in Calgary, you will obviously want to choose a dispensary that offers nationwide or Alberta -specific delivery. Many higher-quality stores will have options for free deliveries over a certain purchase amount and same-day delivery if you order before a particular time.

Refund Policies

To put it simply, a dispensary that doesn’t have a refund policy in place likely cannot stand by the quality of its product. Therefore, you should see what they provide if your delivery is not what you expected or faulty, etc.

Available Strains

The beauty of weed is that there are a wide variety of strains with varying strengths and effects. The shop you choose should not only have a wide selection for sale, but they should also be able to assist you in selecting the correct strain for the effect you desire.

Buying weed in Calgary has many of the same processes as buying in any other location in Canada. You can either buy in person or online, with the latter being the most convenient choice. Ultimately, the method you choose will be up to your personal circumstances, but whatever you choose, hopefully, this post has helped you make a choice.

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