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The Most Popular Card Games In Canada

by Gloria Louden

The online gambling industry’s continuous growth over the last few years is of great delight to both players and the giants in the industry. It has become more exciting and technological advanced in terms of the creation of video games. Everyone across the globe can easily find something they want, and some people tend to look for the classics.

Even the games that were created before the rise of the computer are still being used and played. The internet has made almost everything possible and opened more opportunities to gamers. In this article, we will be listing out a few casino card games that gamblers in Canada are familiar with.

Hail To The Chief

According to online casino research done by CasinoScout.ca, Canadians have a thing for trick-taking games as the game of Keiser was said to have originated in Canadian Prairies. In this game, four participants will be playing two teams. 32 cards from 52 will be used in a deck, starting from 8’s. Aside from this, four additional cards will be stationed outside the mentioned section. It is also considered a casino game and it is available online in a multi-player and single-player format.

The players need to reach 52 points to become the evident winner of the game. The points in this game are reliant on bidding before the gameplay begins and the number of tricks won, which includes tricks from special cards. The common strategy comes with having a good memory enough to remember what cards have already been placed down.

Casino King

Also known to many as 21, blackjack is considered one of the most popular card games not only in Canada but also across the world. You can easily find the game of blackjack in both land-based and online casinos. It is highly popular among gamblers and some real money websites claim that it is a leader of the classic player versus dealer games.

The gameplay is centred around making decisions based on the number of cards that have been collected from the deck. To win in this popular casino card game, you have to get a higher score than the dealer without busting out over 21. It can also be considered a win if the dealer surpasses this number.


Another trick-taking game that is popular with Canadian gamblers. You might even be considered a foreigner if you don’t know how to play this game. While it is not a difficult game to learn, you at least need to understand the rules of the game to play this game.

Although the game of Euchre has several regional variations, it is a game played with four players, with two on each team.

Using a cards deck with 24 cards, the main goal is to win most of the trick – 3 out of 5. If you couldn’t achieve this, the partnership that fixed the trump of the game will be ‘euchred.’ Claiming all five tricks is called a ‘march.’

Dealer’s Choice

There are other kinds of cards games that can be found at online casinos, and there is always a huge library of them on every top-quality site you visit. Poker and baccarat are also relatively popular among gamblers in Canada. The former is available in many variants, with the most popular of them being Texas Hold’em. Both Baccarat and Poker are popular across the world, they are even considered card games for the elites.

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