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Top 9 Careers Which Involve Working In A School

Whether you are someone who always wanted to work in a school or else worked in the school environment earlier on in your professional career and are looking to return to such a learning environment, then you have certainly come to the right place. You might be interested to know whether the school jobs have changed since you went to school and who will be in the child’s school.

This article will examine the top nine careers that involve working in a school and what each career involves. There is more than just working as a teacher in a school, and all of these roles are going to ensure a child has the best possible experience while studying.

1. Sports Coach

An incredibly physically active and often mentally demanding role, which can be either sometimes, or indeed all time, set in a school, college, or university, is that of a sports coach.

Some sports coaches, often depending on the size of the school, will coach only one team, while others will coach different teams in different sports at the same time.

The main responsibilities of a sports coach include demonstrating and actively promoting positive attitudes, behavior, and values which are expected from each and every student participating in sporting events and sporting teams. Sports coaches also prepare, plan and deliver lessons that should always meet the diversity of different people’s interests and needs and ensure they follow the sporting curriculum.

The evaluation of student progress through a variety of different activities, monitoring the level of each student’s active participation in sporting activities and events, and providing informative and engaging lessons in all types of sport and physical fitness are also fundamental.

In addition, it is the duty of the school sports coach to support the school or college in the promotion of health, fitness, and sports.

2. Special Education & Learning Disabilities Teacher

Obviously, a teacher is one of the most senior and challenging roles in any school, college, or university. However, one teaching position which is even more rewarding and yet as challenging is that of a learning disabilities or special education teacher, which involves the following duties:

• Designing educational, engaging, and entertaining activities to help individual students and indeed the class as a whole reach their learning targets and goals.

• The provision of extensive support for students on both a professional and academic level as well as on a more personal and connective level too.

• Always ensuring yourself, as well as other students and other members of the teaching staff in the school, treat each pupil with respect and dignity at all times.

• The facilitating of each lesson in an effective manner that takes into consideration the disability of each and every student.

3. Teaching Assistant

In some schools, it is often said that the role of a teaching assistant is sometimes as challenging as the role of a teacher, especially within the actual classroom setting; however, as much as this sounds like an exaggeration, it can be true that the role is intense.

The fundamental duties of a teaching assistant include preparing and organizing the classroom ahead of a lesson, marking homework and coursework when asked to by the teacher, and attending various staff meetings as and when appropriate.

Furthermore, teaching assistants provide extra help and guidance to children who have either a physical or learning disability, support children across all ages of the national curriculum, and are tasked with encouraging and motivating students to meet their academic targets.

4. Custodian

An incredibly crucial role within the school hierarchy is that of the custodian, sometimes referred to as the caretaker or janitor.

Unfortunately, such a role is often overlooked, so it falls to the duty of every single person who either attends the school for education or else works within the building to recognize and appreciate the numerous roles which a custodian has and carries out each and every working day.

Such roles include the following:

• Routine maintenance regarding custodian supplies and custodian equipment.

• Unlocking each and every door and perimeter gate when carrying out duties and being responsible for ensuring that they are locked afterward.

• Ensuring proper handling and care in the maintenance and actual use of supplies and equipment following all environmental laws and workplace safety protocols.

• Performing functions relating to cleaning and adapting such cleaning needs to suit any seasonal or temporary requirements.

• Performing any other random job-related duties.

5. School Counselor

One role firmly and permanently based in a school setting is that of the school counselor. This particular career pathway has had an interesting journey into development and notoriety status in recent years. Essentially, school counselors help and guide individual students with discussing and working through their feelings, problems, and general thoughts in an entirely confidential and ultimately safe setting.

Such roles and responsibilities of a school counselor involve working together and confiding in other professionals when necessary within the school environment and the facilitation of prevention programs and crisis intervention.

School counselors are also responsible for the building and developing of a relationship between themselves and the student, which is based on honesty and transparency and assisting the school administrators with carrying out and developing various school programs relating to school events and strategies.

6. School Principal

If you were to imagine the hierarchy of the school or college professional staffing as a triangle, near the top right under any board members or school trustees would be the role of a school principal.

It is practically unheard of for anyone to be able to successfully be awarded the role of school principal without having worked as a teacher for many years beforehand.

The daily working life of the principal of any school varies dramatically but usually includes more than a few of the following responsibilities:

• The evaluation of teaching staff to ensure that each and every teacher works and plans lessons along the standard and official guidelines of the national curriculum.

• Setting learning targets and goals for students as well as teachers.

• The provision of counseling and guidance services to both students and teachers on their vocational or academic targets and goals.

• Offering guidance concerning modifying behavioral programs.

• The overseeing of school operations, logistics, and budgeting.

• Handling any emergency which occurs onsite.

• Organizing and keeping an eye on any school event or activity.

7. School Nurse

Another role, much the same as the school counselor, which has certainly become a more prominent and recognized one in recent years, is that of the career of the school nurse.

School nurses provide medical treatment and general health care to the students of the school, the teachers, and other workers. They must use their extensive medical knowledge and training to treat the patient’s illness or injury and perform health screenings as and when needed and appropriate.

Additionally, the monitoring of immunizations and the identification of health and safety risks to help reduce and hopefully eradicate a particular disease outbreak and the professional evaluation of symptoms and wounds of staff and students are also part of the role.

8. College Registrar

Far more likely to be found in universities or colleges rather than high schools, a school registrar’s role is to help assist and guide individual students through the enrolment process. They do the same for students who want to withdraw from one class or more.

Other key duties of a college registrar involve the overseeing of the entire admissions process right through, from the initial inquiries made by students to the delivering and clarifying of the prospectus and the provision of detailed and up-to-date information, data, and other statistics as well as its overall ethos and school mission.

Gathering and compiling information for each prospective student and ensuring that the database containing all the admissions information is organized, safeguarded, and regularly updated also falls under the jurisdiction of the college registrar.

Also, the general management of school tours and greeting visitors when they arrive at the college, including family members of new students, comes down to the job of the college registrar.

9. School Webmaster

Finally, but just as importantly, the last job role on the list which involves working in one particular school on a full-time and permanent basis is that of the school webmaster. They are solely responsible for maintaining and designing the website of the school.

General roles, duties, and responsibilities of a school webmaster include the administration concerning records held by the school as well as ensuring that all student data and information is stored securely, safely, and entirely confidentially.

The school webmaster is also tasked with the performance of various clerical jobs, such as the writing and printing of different academic and subject-focused transcripts to deliver to students.

Other roles of the school webmaster are regular participation in student initiatives and student service committees, training of staff within the office of the school registrar, and the use of computing programs and computer software to aid the recording of admissions and course withdrawals. Although many people may know how to use computers, things can easily go wrong, and minimizing disruptions by having a webmaster on hand is going to mean learning can continue smoothly.

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