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How to Catch a Cheater with Their Cell Phone

Infidelity is a rather common occurrence in today’s society. Current statistics show that about 20% of married people and 40% of unmarried couples cheat. Scary as it is, learning how to catch a cheater can help you gather enough evidence to confront an unfaithful spouse or to file for divorce.

Read on to learn how to spy on your spouse’s cell phone without making them suspicious.

Worrying Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

When your spouse gets involved in a clandestine affair, he/she will start exhibiting some queer behaviors. These include:

• They become secretive

People who cheat are extra careful about what they say and how they carry themselves around. They may also start hiding their phone, making secret phone calls, and providing vague details concerning how they spent their day. Their warm, charming character will suddenly become distant and nonchalant.

• Their physical appearance and grooming habits change

Has your spouse been hitting the gym lately? Maybe they’ve recently upgraded their wardrobe or improved their daily grooming habits. If yes, then they’re probably cheating. Unfaithful partners will often try to look better in an attempt to impress their secret lovers.

• They spend less quality time with you

If your partner suddenly starts arriving home late or spending the entire weekend at “work-related events,” then chances are they’re cheating. They might even make up a bunch of excuses to avoid spending time with you.

How can mSpy help?

mSpy is the best app to catch a cheater. Here’s why:

Tracking apps have become all the rage in recent years. mSpy is a powerful monitoring app that works on both Android and iOS devices. mSpy can even help you remotely hack a samsung phone. It contains a variety of features that may come in handy if you’re looking to expose your cheating partner. These features include:

1. GPS Location Tracker

mSpy is equipped with an accurate location tracker that reveals your partner’s live location on a map. This app also discloses all places your spouse has visited recently, allowing you to check if they’re in the office or wherever else they’re supposed to be.

2. Application Blocker

mSpy provides control over other phone applications, allowing users to block dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble on the target device. Blocking your partner’s access to such apps will effectively discourage them from dating other people.

3. Keywords Alert Feature

If you’re suspicious about what your spouse searches for online, mSpy has a keywords alert feature that conveniently sends you email notifications every time they use suggestive terms to conduct online searches. These keywords may include “expensive gifts,” “fancy hotels,” and “beautiful getaways.”

4. Device Access Info

mSpy can reveal whether your partner’s phone is charged sufficiently or connected to a Wi-Fi network. By gaining unrestricted access to the target device, this app can secretly monitor their social media chats, SMS messages, and more. The information you gather will help you to unearth whether your significant other is cheating.

Other Methods You Can Try

Are you wondering how to catch a cheater app free? Well, let’s discuss some less-known methods you can use to catch a cheater.

• Plant a bug

Despite the risks involved, you can strategically place a spy bug under your partner’s car seats or inside their bedroom. This device easily taps into conversations, allowing you to hear what your spouse discusses with other people. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to record other people’s calls or dialogues in most states.

• Use a GPS tracking device

You can also utilize a tracking device to receive real-time GPS coordinates of your spouse’s vehicle. This device lets you know their whereabouts throughout the day. After identifying their location, you can manually track them or use a private investigator to gather evidence of their infidelity. However, you risk ruffling the feathers of local police if you’re caught tracking someone else’s vehicle.

• Assess your phone statement

Has your partner been making lengthy phone calls to an unknown number? Well, checking her call logs can provide clues on whom she calls frequently and how long those phone conversations last. However, you won’t get their names or know what they talk about.

• Check your partner’s closet

You can gather ample evidence by looking inside your spouse’s handbags, pockets, suits, and jackets. Don’t be surprised to find condoms, hotel receipts, gift cards, and other incriminating items when scouring your loved one’s closet. Sadly, going through your partner’s stuff can make them mistrust you.


Love is beautiful. However, nobody deserves to be dragged along by a cheating partner.

Using an ideal tracking app such as mSpy to spy on spouse cell phone can help you discover if they’re cheating. In fact, mSpy is regarded as the best app to catch a cheater.

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