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5 Best CCNA Certification Courses & Their Training

A Cisco Certified Course Network Associate Course is an expert-level course that trains you to install and operate servers and networks. According to the United States BLS, CCNA-related jobs are projected to grow at 8% per year till 2024.

A CCNA certification validates your knowledge and expertise as a network and server operator. The best way to get certified is by choosing the right platform to train and prepare for the certification exam. It also helps to take online lectures and as many mock exams as possible.

Best CCNA Course Certifications:

Let’s take a look at 6 best CCNA courses that you should go for:

1. Cisco CCNA 200 – 125 – The Complete Guide to Getting Certified
2. The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course: Your CCNA Start
3. CCNA 2018 200-125 Video Boot Camp
4. Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching
5. Cisco CCNA Classes Online – Cybrary

How are each of these courses different and what do you need to earn these credentials? Let’s take a look.

1. Cisco CCNA 200 – 125 – The Complete Guide to Getting Certified:

For most IT professionals, this course is a stepping stone for their careers in the IT sector. The syllabus for this course is structured in a way that offers a complete understanding of the domains relevant to your role. It trains you to grow your knowledge of Network Fundamentals, which includes operating different types of networks such as LANs (Local Area Networks), WANs (Wide Area Networks), VPNs (Virtual Point Networks), and SANs (Storage Area Networks).

In addition, it enables you to carry out maintenance towards reliable computer systems within a multi-user environment, including the configuration and management of servers. This course also helps you understand infrastructure security and how it relates to creating a strong security strategy that includes firewalls and their functionalities.

You can get insight into the features and functions of networks and functions through online lectures. You will also get an understanding of configuration and troubleshooting through lab practice.

2. The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course: Your CCNA Start:

This fundamentals CCNA course can kickstart your career. It helps you understand and acquire a CCNA course certification that covers topics like IP addressing, subnetting, VLANs, etc. The lectures are also based on how terminals and devices are configured. This course will give you a strong foundation and in-depth knowledge of real networking devices too.

Key Features:

– This course helps you build a strong CCNA foundation.
– Freshers can apply for this credential.
– You can access online lectures and get some practice.
– Get the latest networking updates and curriculum.
– You can get a variety of demonstrations.
– A lifetime subscription is also offered.

3. CCNA 2018 200-125 Video Boot Camp:

This course will help you learn and get a thorough understanding of many important CCNA course concepts. It enables you to experience binary performance and hex and decimal conversions.

Key Features:

– Practical hands-on experience clears doubts better than theoretical learning alone. These real-world challenges can help you master this course.
– Freshers can apply for this boot camp.
– A lifetime subscription is also offered.

4. Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching:

This CCNA training course has 15 different courses that can lay the foundation for several certifications in the future. Every topic gives you different real-world experiences and situations along with learning materials. You can easily navigate between subtopics as you explore different curricula.

Key Features:

– All lectures are broken into smaller content packs for ease of understanding.
– You learn about static and dynamic routing.
– This credential gives you knowledge about accessing control lists and network address translation.
– The instructions are easy to follow.
– You can avail a 10-day free trial.
– You learn using real-life situation-based challenges.

5. Cisco CCNA Classes Online (Cybrary):

This is an intermediate-level course from Cisco Certifications that will help you understand the concepts included in various CCNA courses. The curriculum teaches you how to operate, install, configure and troubleshoot WAN, LAN and dial access services. Additionally, you will also learn about different technologies and data networks that will take your industry experience to the next level.

Key Features:

– Every lecture covers the most recent updates and domains that include the setup process.
– All lectures are structured with quizzes that make the learning experience fun and instructional at the same time.
– Real-life situations and experiences coming from industry experts can help make learning easier and more relatable.
– The practice assignments and available lectures aid the learning experience.
– The curriculum and video lectures are available online for free.

Every CCNA certification is valid for 3 years since the day you get certified. You can renew your certification by giving the exam again or achieving a higher certification level before your current certification expires. Give your career the boost it deserves and enrol in a CCNA training course today.

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