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ceramic car coatings benefits

Facts About Ceramic Car Coatings & Its Benefits

by Martha Simmonds

Ceramic coating is a chemical solution of polymer that is used at a vehicle’s exterior to protect it from external damage caused by paint. It actually provides a layer of hydrophobic protection. In reality, it actually becomes an alternative to waxing. The main purpose of ceramic coating is to prevent grime, stain marks and dirt from appearing on the beautiful paint of your vehicle.

Also named as nano-ceramic coating, it is a semi-permanent or permanent solution that can solve your worries about your car’s exterior look but it solely depends upon the kinds of polymer and coating used. For its intrinsic chemical properties, in different conditions of the atmosphere like summer or rain, it doesn’t cease to work.

In today’s market of ceramic car coating, Nanolex, Modesta, Ceramic Pro, IGL Kenzo and CQuartz are the top brands. Due to their popularity in the world, they’re used widely. In this article, you’ll get to know about the fundamentals of ceramic coating before purchasing any of these brands.

Professional vs DIY Coatings

For the application of ceramic coating, you can get two options. Either you do it by yourself or you can also contact a professional. The starting cost for the professional application is around $300 which is a little bit pricey but the DIY coatings are budget friendly. However, if you select the DIY coating for your vehicle, try to avoid those brands that have the highest percentage of SiO2 in their products as those chemical coatings don’t last long. If you’re looking for the best quality of products which will give your vehicle a smart finish, then you can surely go for professional 9H Nano Coatings.


• Nano-ceramics have an easier application process and are also user–friendly.
• Ceramic car coating of a top brand offers cost-effective protection for paint.
• If quality isn’t compromised, then the results will be clearly visible.


• An extensive research is needed, as many poor-quality products spread widely in the market with the leveling of good brand names.

• It can be hard to properly prepare your paint’s surface.

• Many companies don’t give proper guidance for the application.

• You may cause damage to the car if you don’t have any sound knowledge about ceramic coatings.

Advantages Of Ceramic Coating

Hydrophobic Nature

Ceramic coating not only blends with your vehicle’s paint but also repulses water which means that any water-based dirt from the car’s surface will slide off.

Protection From Disastrous UV Rays

Ceramic coatings will always protect the car’s paint from oxidizing. It also prevents your car’s color from fading and having a dull look.

Prevention From Chemical Stains

Chemical stains arise from acidic contamination in air which can damage your car. But ceramic car coatings can prevent these acidic contaminants.

Candy-like Gloss

Ceramic coatings are also able to bring out your vehicle’s appearance by adding a nice gloss to the paint of your car.

What Is The Cost Of A Ceramic Coating?

Based on your selected package, the cost varies. The cost of a cheapest DIY coating is $10 on Amazon and a better kit for DIY ceramic coating costs around $70. The professional 9H ceramic coating starts from $300 and it comes from certified detailers. Hence, the quality of their ceramic car coatings is always well–maintained.

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